All work and no play….


Yeah, to hell with that.

Sunday found us blowing off some steam on 2 wheels.




We headed up the coast with some friends for a little scenery…

(And a lot of craft beer.)

First stop was East Boothbay and one of the best coastal roads around. There were a few too many tourists to make a great video… but you get the idea.



It really is a beautiful spot.




(Did I mention there was beer?)

Our friends are new Maine residents, so they really enjoyed the tour.




(And the beer)

Boothbay is oceanfront living at it’s best.




And it was perfect weather for riding.

(Not to mention beer)




Next up?



18 thoughts on “All work and no play….”

  1. When I was a tourist in Maine, I loathed other tourists. Couldn’t even get on the whale watching boat ’cause some cruise had booked the whole boat for their groups. Pissed. me. off. I just wanted to see a creature bigger than me! Is that so much to ask???

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    1. Not at all. We did a whale watching cruise once. Waited until the end of September when the summer tourists were gone but the leaf peepers hadn’t yet arrived. We didn’t see many tourists, but then again we didn’t see a single whale either.

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  2. Lived in East Boothbay once. Great-uncle Frank Ferrin had a lobster pound in South Bristol. He used to cross the bay in his boat and pick us up. Took 45 minutes to get their by car and 20 by boat.

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