If I should disappear without notice…..


This is a general heads up to my friends and followers –

In case I fall off the grid without warning.

It seems I’m a wanted woman, and may have to go on the lamb very soon.



(That’s me trying to figure out how to kick the silly creature into gear)

The reason?

 I’ve been receiving some strange phone calls and may have to plan accordingly.




I have no idea what grievous crime I’ve committed….

Do the mattress people know I removed their tag?

Did the grocery store manager see me eat a grape?




But clearly things are about to get real.

And if the message wasn’t bad enough…. this call came in yesterday.




Time may be running out.



(For you youngins…  Attica prison?




The riot in 1971?





 It was awful, 43 people died. Read your history!)

So please, if you’re questioned… don’t tell them I ate the grape.

And wish me luck as I make my escape.

I’ve never been much of  a runner.


26 thoughts on “If I should disappear without notice…..”

    1. Now wait just a minute. I’m allergic to lobster and haven’t boiled one alive in years…. I don’t even watch people eat them! Our house is a lobster free zone, they have nothing to fear from me. Spread the word.


  1. This certainly sounds like a coverup as if you don’t want Fred to know that you are running away with your boy toy for a weekend–or, maybe, even worse, your chicken toy!! (Where this came from I have no idea!! Might be because I anm up at 9:30 AM–way too early for my brain–and yes, I have one!

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