You’re never too old to learn…. Ukulele


It’s that time again.




This week’s class:

Ukulele Extravaganza, Beginner

For many years the happy instrument so closely associated with Hawaii has been experiencing a huge revival around the world. Here is your chance to take part in the ukulele revolution. Folks of all adult ages will enjoy playing this very cool but accessible instrument. In this class students will learn to read music and play songs by picking and strumming. No prior musical experience is necessary. The instructor taught instrumental music at the Middle School from 1986-2017 and after taking a leave of absence to study music therapy at Arizona State University in 2008, she fell in love with playing the ukulele! She studies ukulele with master luthier/performer/teacher, Joel Eckhaus in South Portland, the Hawaiian masters at the Aloha Music Camp in Hawaii, and at the Ukulele Summit in Bethesda, Maryland.

Again…  this is a real part of the curriculum.

And yes, you too can learn to play the Ukulele and be the envy of all your friends.



So let’s break this down:

How have I missed the huge Ukulele revival?

What have I been doing….



Okay, sure.

But the Ukulele revolution?

 I wasn’t that busy…




Well, maybe.

Although calling the Ukulele a cool instrument may be stretching the truth a bit.



But if you want to  drive your immediate social circle to drink and get yourself crossed off every guest list from now on  be a hit at parties, give Maine continuing education a try.



Classes start Mon, Sept 17, 6-7 PM, for 9 weeks

$59 non refundable.

38 thoughts on “You’re never too old to learn…. Ukulele”

  1. Yes indeed. It has even infected my family. Fortunately, just the ones on the West Coast who are already crazy, so it isn’t a huge tragedy …
    But we get recordings of 30 ukes playing in almost close rhythm … and we dutifully complement them on their … ah .. musical acumen.

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  2. Very funny. They do offer diverse subjects I must admit. I thought it was a joke at first, but i suppose it will appeal to someone. And, honestly, I’ve always wanted to play the xylophone! Do they do that course? Cos if they do they are an excellent establishment 👌

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  3. I have a ukulele upon which I can play all of three chords. Not that anyone requests I do so. It hangs on the wall. Is antique heirloom thing.
    Yes, there is a ukulele revival. I don’t know why. Hipsters, I reckon.


  4. At least when things get awkward in social situations you can always clear your throat, pull out your ukelele and say, “So, anyway, here’s Wonderwall.” Might be worth the $59?

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  5. George Formby revival anyone? and to think I almost missed this post. In war time Britain, this is all anyone did. 2 or 3 people were dropping bombs and stuff, the rest were into real ukulele business. George Harrison was a member of the George Formby society and Paul McCartney plays ukulele “something” as a memory to George in his concerts. I defy anyone who has listened to 100 Formby records not to admit to liking at least one.


    1. I’m ashamed to say I had never heard of George Formby. But I just read he was the U.K.’s highest paid performer in the 30’s and 40’s. Clearly you Brits love the ukulele. .. who knew?


      1. When I was window cleaning, to earn an honest Bob… This song ‘ when I’m cleaning windows” is a must listen. Double entendre, clever chord structure. I want 10% commission for all ukelele course sales. Upfront. You’ll probably sell 10,000…

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