The Dog Chapel.

If you love animals, grab some Kleenex.

If you don’t… move along, you’re not my people.


The Dog Chapel, on Dog Mountain, built by dog artist Stephen Hunecker.


This is Stephen, and his dogs.

The following is the story of his near death experience…


And a few words about the special space he created.


I’d heard of this place, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

A chapel… for dogs. Okay, got it.

But I hadn’t.


The pews are hand carved and supported by dogs.


The stained glass is hand made…


And filled with dogs.


But what takes your breath away as you stand in this unassuming little building….


Is love.


And an outpouring of grief so heartfelt, I wept.

Non stop, for the entire time we were there.


The love surrounds you.

Engulfs you.

From floor to ceiling, every single inch.


People from all over the world come to this obscure little spot on the map to leave pictures and memorials to their beloved 4 footed friends.


If you’ve ever loved a dog, this place will move you.

If you’ve never loved a dog, this place will move you.


It was silent, and haunting….. and beautiful beyond words.


The loss is palpable, and deep.

But the love?

The love is overwhelming and chokes me up even now.


So I left a memorial of my own, for a very special beagle we had when I was growing up. Hiram… my father’s steadfast companion. Who happily romped the fields and gardens with him in the good times, and lay devotedly at his side through the bad. The dog that was inconsolable when my father was hospitalized with heart attack after heart attack… as if he knew.


His death was the only time I ever saw my father cry.


Oh, yes…

Yes they do.

32 thoughts on “The Dog Chapel.”

  1. My dogs are my children. I miss Sunshine, Brandi, Kelly, Muffin, Dagger, Bear, Bohdi, and too soon, my Jegs who has been my rock since Nick passed. You all won’t see me for a while when I lose him……

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      1. I can’t be petless. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats in my house right now. Half are mine. Jegs is 10 come Valentines and Sprint will be 7 come Memorial Day. I cannot imagine life without either of the two PITA’s.

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      2. We lost our last one in July and since Fred is retiring next year, he wants to be able to travel at will and not have to worry about pet/house sitters. Logically I understand that…. emotionally, I’m dying.

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  2. Scooter: Do you believe dogs have souls?
    Me: I certainly do.
    Scooter: Do you believe that dogs can love you more than you love them?
    Me: I certainly believe that too.
    Scooter: Then why do you feed me dry discount dog food?
    Me: You are pushing it, buddy.

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  3. Save a dog’s life once, got it out of a river. It kept walking off then coming back to me. It got to the corner of the street ,looking back, almost as if it wanted me to go with it, or to remember me perhaps. My life like me that day.

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