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Did you know…


In 1700’s London, you could purchase insurance against going to Hell?

Proof positive there’s a policy for everything.




And yes, it’s that time again.



Game of Thrones



President Andrew Jackson’s parrot Poll cursed so loudly during his master’s funeral he had to be removed.


You never know what the little bastards will do.



The LEGO company was founded in Denmark in the 1930’s.

It’s name is an abbreviation for the words leg godt which mean “play well”.




A crocodile’s tongue is attached to the roof of it’s mouth so it doesn’t accidentally bite it when snapping down on prey.




There is a canine condition known as Frito Feet.

It’s a bacterial foot infection that smells like corn chips.

Sorry Fido.




In ancient Greece women counted their age from the day they were married.

This works for me.

I’m 35.






The Hawaiian alphabet only contains 12 letters. Five vowels and seven consonants.

You’d think that would make spelling their names easier, but it doesn’t.



The most common name for a goldfish in America is Jaws.







Good grief, what next?


I know this has been a “thing” for a while…

But I’m just getting around to mocking it.

Apologies for the tardiness, but there’s just too much crazy out there for a girl to keep up.


Autonomous sensory meridian response.








Because just when I think I’ve seen everything….

Thousands of people step up to prove me wrong.

Epic thrift store finds.


I read an article the other day about the crazy things people find at thrift stores. This was right up my alley as I used to post my wackadoodle discoveries as well.

If you’ve never thrifted?

You’ve never really shopped.

I mean really…. where else can you find these treasures.

Searching for fine literature?




Find it at the Thrift store.

Not being a musher, I was totally unaware sexual preference was even a factor.

Go figure.


When you’re in need of a box of decapitated doll heads?




And let’s be honest…

Who isn’t these days?





They’re at the Thrift store.


When you’re searching for a little extra something to compliment the dogs playing poker velvet wall hanging in your living room?




You’ll find it at the Thrift store.

Shells playing poker are perfect.


Fido’s constant shedding driving you nuts?




Thrift store to the rescue.

Beat grandma to the punch this Christmas and give her the ugly sweater.


Can’t find that just right gift for the dominatrix in your life?




Look no more…. your local thrift store has S&M Teddy.

Her heart will melt, and then she’ll whip heart shaped cuts on your thighs.

It’s a win win.


And speaking of gifts…

Those hard to buy for people?

They’d love a vomit clock from the Thrift store.




Yes, that was the description the person who found it gave in the article.

Vomit clock.

I’m hoping  (really, really hoping)  that it’s just heavily shellacked pebbles in a putrid pink hue.

But hey, it came from a thrift store….

Anything’s possible.





The Dog Chapel.

If you love animals, grab some Kleenex.

If you don’t… move along, you’re not my people.


The Dog Chapel, on Dog Mountain, built by dog artist Stephen Hunecker.


This is Stephen, and his dogs.

The following is the story of his near death experience…


And a few words about the special space he created.


I’d heard of this place, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

A chapel… for dogs. Okay, got it.

But I hadn’t.


The pews are hand carved and supported by dogs.


The stained glass is hand made…


And filled with dogs.


But what takes your breath away as you stand in this unassuming little building….


Is love.


And an outpouring of grief so heartfelt, I wept.

Non stop, for the entire time we were there.


The love surrounds you.

Engulfs you.

From floor to ceiling, every single inch.


People from all over the world come to this obscure little spot on the map to leave pictures and memorials to their beloved 4 footed friends.


If you’ve ever loved a dog, this place will move you.

If you’ve never loved a dog, this place will move you.


It was silent, and haunting….. and beautiful beyond words.


The loss is palpable, and deep.

But the love?

The love is overwhelming and chokes me up even now.


So I left a memorial of my own, for a very special beagle we had when I was growing up. Hiram… my father’s steadfast companion. Who happily romped the fields and gardens with him in the good times, and lay devotedly at his side through the bad. The dog that was inconsolable when my father was hospitalized with heart attack after heart attack… as if he knew.


His death was the only time I ever saw my father cry.


Oh, yes…

Yes they do.

The Stephen Huneck Gallery


The Dog Chapel has long been on my list of places to visit in Vermont, and while I would have preferred to go in warmer weather and walk the lovely nature trails… we happened to pass the sign so I screamed,  “Let’s go!”

Up a steep hill, and over a narrow and rutted dirt road you’ll find a 150 acre farm.




The Chapel…




And a frozen, peed upon pumpkin.




(I’m guessing dog, but wouldn’t put it past my husband.)





There’s also a gallery/shop that houses the owner’s folk art, which as you might guess….




Is clearly dog-centric.

There are dog chairs…




Dog benches..




Dog lamps…




Dog borders…




Dog railings…





And dog mounted trophies….




Don’t laugh…

It beats the trophy mounted vegetarian on this butcher shop wall.




Even the bathroom was dogged.




It’s pretty clear the artist loved dogs.




And why wouldn’t he?




They’re marvelously talented creatures….







She’s a peach.


Technically, she’s a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog named Peaches who belongs to the farmers across the street…. but yes, she’s a peach as well.




They went out of town over the weekend so we had dog duty… which isn’t a hardship because I’m currently petless for the first time in my life due to a husband who wants to travel when he retires next year.




I agree Peaches.

Boo and hiss to that.




Peaches is a rough and tumble farm dog who dearly missed her father…. and spent an inordinate amount of time looking for him out the window.




She couldn’t quite grasp the fact that she wasn’t allowed to cross the road and go back home…. so even though she’s a free range canine, when we had her outside she had to be tied.




That didn’t go over very well…

So the first thing she did in retaliation?





Peaches – 1.

Alvin – 0.




Peaches is also the only dog I know who enjoys self flagellation.

She picks up her toys and beats herself silly. To the point where I worry she’ll hurt herself.

Naturally she only flagellated half heartedly whenever I filmed, but you get the idea.




Hey, whatever floats your boat.

It kept her occupied, and the chipmunk population breathed a sigh of relief.