It’s a sign!


Do you believe in signs?

In prophesies…

In portends?

Because I think I got one the other day.

I was sitting in our living room, innocently reading…

When this appeared on the wall.




Game of Thrones fans are shuddering, but for the rest of you clueless readers?

It’s the Bolton sigil, the flayed man.




Striking fear in the hearts of Thrones viewers until someone asked the question…





That’s who.

But clearly this can’t be a coincidence. What does it mean?

The Boltons are all dead, they’re not flaying anyone. And it’s the final season of GOT, so if I’m meant to flay someone….

I’d better hurry.

There are only 2 episodes left.



And btw, if you think I’m an over the top Throner?

Witness my girlfriend who’s having a watch party every Sunday night. She sets out photos of the characters on her mantle, complete with burning candles.


IMG_4569 (Medium)


Every time someone dies? She snuffs them out.

Now that’s dedicated.


34 thoughts on “It’s a sign!”

  1. Man, and here I thought viewers of the Big Bang Theory were obsessed, okay they are, and I’m one of them. But the flayed man? Ewww, I think the last time I heard that was when I watched Braveheart, so something to the like. As for your friend’s watch party with candles and all, that’s not so out of the ordinary. I do that with a huge Pittsburgh Steelers emblem and a ginormous candle whenever they play, you see normal in every sense….lol.

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  2. I’m a sucker for symbolism and self-created rituals. I don’t watch the show but I like the candles on the mantle… slowly being snuffed out. And the light on the wall is cool, too. Most interesting.

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      1. HBO writers dont know what to do with Bran, they made a damp squib out of the night kind end. – a message for truly devoted fan 😛

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      2. I’ll have to agree with you there. A very disappointing resolution to an 8 year long story line. I recently read that Benioff and Weiss were the ones in a rush to finish. Martin said it should take 5 more seasons to wrap up and HBO said it would provide whatever was needed for however long it took. Shame they didn’t give more thought to their loyal fans. 2 more episodes… we’ll see.

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      3. I’ve read that the new GOT….taking place pre doom of Valeria…. is tentatively titled The Long Night and will answer a lot of Night King and White Walker questions.
        Great. Now I have to wait until 2021.


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