Have you tried it?


I did.

And yes, I know.. I know… the Russians own my pictures now. But Mark Zuckerberg’s had them for years, and Google and Amazon probably know my bra size. It’s the world we live in.


It came out back in 2017, but just recently went viral.

Before everyone realized it was owned by a Russian company, we all  flipped the f*ck out had fun watching ourselves age.





The normal photo of me.




The FaceApp aging photo of me.




I mean, HOLY HELL!

If that doesn’t make you run for the retinol cream, nothing will.




Personally, I prefer the anti aging, younger version.




Oh, to be that young and sweet again.

(Okay, I was never really sweet per se… but I could do without the bunions.)




Said no man, ever.

But you can see how addicting this app can be…. and why it’s so popular.

Normal me?


IMG_2640 (640x480)


Old me.





Young me…





Not even old enough to drink.




Christ on a cracker… I’m a crone!

With the big hair and eye liner?  I look like an aging hooker.




There, that’s better.

Quick, get me a Tardis…

I wanna go back!




Why yes.

Yes, it was…


For Kathy, a picture of my mom for comparison.

39 thoughts on “Have you tried it?”

  1. My boys tried that age app, and to their surprise they all look like my ex-MIL, mustache and all, lmao. I don’t need to use that app, I know exactly what I’m going to look like, like my dad (ugh) and I already have signs of looking like an 80 year old man, so I’ll pass…..bleh…

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  2. I’m slow on the uptake of new trends and fads. Found out about the Russian thing before I could try it. Plus, if I truly want a look at the future, I just need to look at my mum. It’s enough for me to give the app a miss 😂

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    1. It’s been around for 2 years, but when celebrities discovered it and posted their pics…. everyone else jumped in. Oddly enough I looked nothing like my mother as an old lady…


  3. If I look back at me as a youngster and me now, I doubt the app would get that right. I don’t really care about the future. I’m going to assume it’s this, only worse. I’m sure the Russians already have enough photos of me – The Complete DMV Collection is available.

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