And they talk about women!


The hunt for a new refrigerator continues, and just as I had finished extensive research and narrowed the field down to this one…




The husband decided he wanted to go shopping and check them out for himself.

Granted, it’s a large purchase and I wanted him to like what I chose.

But ya know what?



I took him to the store and showed him my choice, which he walked right by and made a bee line for:




And again? No.

Aside from the jaw dropping price tag? There’s no way I’m going to buy a refrigerator that tells me I’m out of cucumbers or what to cook for dinner.

Christ, do we really need “smart” appliances?

The day I’m too old and doddering to realize I’m out of cucumbers? I’ll stop cooking altogether.

In case you’re unfamiliar, there’s basically a computer on the door. You can make grocery lists, find recipes with the ingredients it knows are in there, and it will even link with your phone so you can check your expiration dates from remote locations.

Among other useful things….





All I want is cold food and ice.


smart fridge


Great. Scratch the ice.

So we shopped, and shopped, and shopped.

And the husband said that one’s shelves were too small,  that one’s lights were too bright, that one’s drawers were too deep…. etc etc etc.

To which, after grueling 5 hours I said..

“Come on Goldilocks!”




So he picked one.




And though it’s almost exactly the same as the one I’d picked a week earlier?

This one is $700 more.



So, men?

I don’t want to hear you say your wives are spending all the money.

My husband can out shop the best of ’em.









52 thoughts on “And they talk about women!”

  1. Oh, I almost forgot: My son showed me that aging app. When he aged his own photograph, he looked a lot like my brother does now. When he “younged” me, it didn’t look anything like the young me.

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    1. Goldilocks had to find just the right lighting, and just the right drawer depth and wanted, are you ready? Turbo ice… all which cost extra. Turbo ice! God help me, we REALLY needed that!
      It’s a GE Profile, black stainless steel finish.

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  2. Make sure to check reviews on the fridge. We didn’t, sure wish we had. At least the service guy knew exactly what was wrong when we had no ice 8 days after buying the fridge, and weeks, and 6 mths and oh yeah half the time we run out of ice before we run out of day, that they say is because we are in Az and it’s hot outside???? Hubby wisely told the guy he better leave quick because he wasn’t sure how long he could hold me….Apparently that repairman has refused to ever take another service call to our house. Wuss, I didn’t even touch him, heck I didn’t even yell. I was so stupefied by his explanation of the problem I was speechless. LOL

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  3. One of the internet companies does a lot of radio ads essentially mocking this whole “smart house” phenomenon… although it’s just to try to get you to buy their service because it doesn’t go down. Why even get these things altogether. I mean, I refuse to even get a smart phone. The first time I couldn’t get ice because my fridge caught a porn virus, it’s getting thrown out on the street…

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  4. Oh deal lawd, say it isn’t so River? Your hubs spent more money on a fridge than you would have? Hmm, maybe they are targeting a certain shopper with these “smart fridges?” Who knows, but I’m with Evil, no smart fridge for me, I can do with a plain old regular appliance that I don’t have to tolerate any computer snarkiness from, I have a cat for that.

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  5. Just thinking about buying a new frig makes me anxious. We survived buying a new dishwasher a few years ago. Too many doodads. Too many features. I have no doubt that shopping for a frig with screens on it would do me in.

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  6. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve lived with men who are so hesitant to spend a single dollar on home appliances, but as soon there’s a “gadget factor” involved, they turn into Daddy Warbucks. I have one requirement of a refrigerator. It needs to keep stuff cold. Anything beyond that? Sorcery. The bad kind.

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  7. I have a Google Assistant speaker thingy… ?! I won’t even plug it in – I don’t need friggin Skynet listening in to my conversations, thank you very much. I sure as heck don’t want my FRIDGE listening in!

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      1. When I used it instead of “heck” it said NO. H-E-Double-L NO. Maybe you can use it in a post but not a comment? It didn’t tell me why my comment was denied – but when I changed that word it went through.

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    1. I love how people complain about invasion of privacy while walking around with a GPS tracker on their phone and putting an electronic listening device in their bedrooms. I’m guilty of the tracker but Hell no to Alexa and her brethren.

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  8. I have two friends with the smart fridge. One has already had repairmen out twice. They both bought them in 2013, so… any day now….

    My husband is also a good shopper. It’s like he pretends to hate it tho. It’s part of the grumpy exterior facade, I believe.

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  9. “Hi, River. My name is Frig. No, I won’t open the freezer door right now. I know what you’re after and you may not have ice cream at 8 PM. It’s bad for you. I love you River and know what’s best for you. Here, have an ice cube. Yes. Just one. I’ll see you in the morning. Now go to bed. Sweet dreams. I’ll keep watch over you.”
    Yep, no smart appliances (other than my phone) for me. Glad you found a new refrigerator, though. ~ Mona

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  10. At least this fridge biz had got you lots of comments — 20 more (so far) than the number of Likes….so, many commenters either don’t Like this post, or Like it but don’t want to go on record as liking it (or, like me, can’t get the Like button to work half the time). Whatever the reason, you’re apparently too funny for your own good, so try to be as unfunny as me, and readers will feel sorry for you and Like you like they Like me.

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    1. I like this comment on the subject of liking, although I don’t think I’d like being liked for trying to be like you. I like being liked for being like me. As for not liking refrigerators? I don’t like them very much right now either.

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      1. Thanks for the Like, as I’m not sure my rather snarky comment deserved it — but Like they say, “You can’t win them all.”

        Speaking of Like, I’ve discovered that the only way I can get a Like to ‘take’ on comments to your posts (and the posts of a few other bloggers I follow) is to make a new comment. So, now that I’ve done so, I’ll ‘hit’ Like on your comment, and (assuming the WordPress gods are with me), it should take.

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