They give souvenirs now.


My MRI was today… and after they made me strip naked and dress in scrub pants that were 3 sizes too small and double hospital johnnys that were 12 sizes too big, they did their thing on my knee.

A solid half hour of cacophony later, I got a souvenir.



I know they give you ultrasound pictures of your baby in utero, but I’m not sure I’ll be having a look at all the fluid on River’s knee reveal party anytime soon.

And yes, though I’ve gotten the swelling down with elevation and ice packs, there’s still a lot of fluid where fluid shouldn’t be.

Good news? No torn ligaments and minimal damage to my MCL.




Bad news?

My meniscus tear is a deep root tear which is more serious, slower to heal and could require surgery.




But I did a zoom meeting with my orthopedist when we got home and she said we’ll try to avoid that.

More ice, more exercises and a cortisone shot next Friday to speed up healing so I can do more load bearing.

Load bearing? I know I’m a bit overweight, but that seems a trifle harsh.



28 thoughts on “They give souvenirs now.”

  1. My sole experience with a lot of fluid where fluid shouldn’t be is strictly limited to a flood in the basement last year, but I sympathize with you nonetheless. I would have about as much interest watching the video of an MRI as I did watching the video of the sewer scope they did on our property, which is nil.

    They could have at least sent you home with a Jell-o cup or something for your troubles!

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