I think we knew it was inevitable.


The last booze shelf was added in the Barn Mahal.



I know the husband didn’t really want to, but as I kept finding more liquor bottles stashed all over the house ( what, you don’t keep gin in your linen closet or spiced rum in the china hutch? ) it turned out to be a necessity.



And besides, it’s his fault that they’re lopsided. My original plan was for two shelves on each side….



He’s the one who had to have the microwave on the end of the bar.


23 thoughts on “I think we knew it was inevitable.”

  1. Your liquor stash is far more robust than mine ~ 3 bottles of bourbon (Rebel Yell, Jim Beam), 1 vodka, 1 Malibu coconut rum, 1 Kahlua, and some Southern Comfort.

    Have fun mixing up some cocktails!

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