26 thoughts on “Subtle? No. Fabulous? Yes…”

  1. Well, there is a tradition of planting flamingos in the Florida yards for birthdays. One woman awoke in our area to find 54 flamingos (plastic) in her yard. For awhile, there was a shortage of these flamingos and they were bought up when the company producing them went out of business. As you know, we live in Florida and I kept a few around, a few in storage for our garden until they just wore out!

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      1. Well, my husband just told me an interesting story he heard on our local radio station that evidently one flamingo indicates a swinger in the yard which is why the Villages have one flamingo in many yards. Now that is tacky. Besides we get the real egrets, so we are good.

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  2. Suddenly, I wish we had curbside mailboxes in my ‘hood instead of ones mounted next to the front door…’cause I’d be tickled pink to have that mailbox.

    The neighbors have no idea what kind of bullet they’ve dodged…

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