31 thoughts on “Let’s play!”

      1. Yes, but it was available then all of a sudden Dowtown Abby showed up! And I have to finish DC before I can start something new. Ya, I’m odd that way

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  1. Sweet Tooth~Netflix…my wedding with beautiful planned by a doctor trying to save his wife from an epic killer virus and contemplating the use of baby hybrids (literally babies/children being born crossbred with birds, deer, etc). I’ve fallen for the Deer Boy~he’d plan a perfect nature wedding!

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  2. I guess it would have to be the Narrator’s, Policemen and Detectives from the True Crime Killer Kids shows I have been watching. If any of the surviving family members wish to join, they are welcome.

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  3. The last show I watched is JEOPARDY! — so I suppose my wedding planner would be the ghost of Alex Trebec, though I’m more likely to need a funeral planner, because my wife would kill me if she found out.

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  4. The Good Doctor…phew…before that was Hell’s Kitchen…food might be good but i appreciate the mellower side of things!

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  5. The America’s Got Talent judges are planning my wedding. Guess that means there will be singing, dancing, magic, comedy, performing dogs, and death-defying aerial stunts.

    Man. It’s going to be one hell of a wedding!

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  6. Did you enjoy Penny Dreadful? It looked strange, but sometimes I like strange if it’s not TOO strange.
    I’ve been watching Hacks on HBO. Jean Smart-it’s great and she’s gonna plan a hell of a wedding since she’s rich and likes to party.

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