I bet you thought I’d say wine.


Because let’s face it, wine and I go way back.



But no, sadly the grape didn’t make it into my top 3.

This was an easy pick.

#1. Books.

Life isn’t worth living if I can’t read. I’m voracious. How much do I love to read? Think Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. I get equally as twitchy when bookless.



#2. Cheese.

I can’t imagine not eating cheese. A sharp Vermont cheddar? A rich and creamy Camembert? A delightfully pungent blue? No…. I could give up a lot things, but cheese isn’t one of them.



#3. Cats

I write this with Lord Dudley Mountcatten sitting happily at my feet, purring contentedly just to be near. (and no he didn’t threaten to vomit in my shoes if I answered differently)

While I love all creatures and have had housefuls of assorted pets, there’s something about persnickety, attitude laden felines that calls to me.

Is it their independence? Maybe.

Their cunning? Perhaps.

But when a cat chooses you as their person? You know you’ve been given a special gift.



So how about you?

What are your 3 can’t live withouts…


48 thoughts on “I bet you thought I’d say wine.”

  1. Coffee – I gave up cigarettes. Don’t TOUCH my coffee!
    dogs – Have you met my babies??
    Books – Like you I devour books. I used to reread the cereal box in the morning JUST to be reading.

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  2. Dogs, books, and coffee.
    I almost put books first but then I had a fifty-pound Dalmatian who thinks he’s still a puppy try and climb up in my lap, which might be some kind of code.
    It also looks like two lists, so do I get three from each? In that case I’ll add cats, tacos, and Netflix.

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