I love bad translations.


I’m sorry, but this ad made me laugh.



The kissy face emojis are a little over the top, but whatever.



So much to unpack here.

Exclusive female happiness? Sorry fellas, I think you’re redundant.

An orgasm that can provide 3-5 days to the world? Now that’s an impressive O.

Long standby. Does that means it hovers in the corner waiting until it’s needed again? A bit creepy, but okay.

And finally, We rest 50% today… that baby must provide one heck of a workout.


26 thoughts on “I love bad translations.”

  1. 3-5 days impressed me too!!
    While I also love bad translations* ast night I was obsessed with all the incorrectly categorized foods in Amazon Whole Foods… frozen mango chunks in the “Pantry Staples”, bottled water in “Fresh Produce”, fresh eggplants in “Cheese”, and smoked bacon being a photo of… a mushroom?

    *i worked on a software project where a button’s legit translation came back as PONY. I pressed it all the time but no ponies ever appeared. 😔 😞

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  2. Amazing. No idea what language that was translated from, but I would love to see what it would say if they translated that back into its original language. Surely it would not say, “3-5 day delivery”!
    Not being a woman, I have only one question, what is the whale’s mouth for? Breathing? (Not serious.)

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