25 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. I carried Cathy’s books out to the car, told her to have a good day and then I kissed her. Like. a. BOSS. (But not in the sexual harassment way) Bruce Springsteen is a little disappointed at being busted back to middle management.

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    1. While I post these silly things here, I never reply on Facebook as they are just phishing attempts for information. And if you notice, I only post the silly ones. I don’t want to know your mother’s maiden name or what kind of car you first drove.

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  2. Maybe this one I can play straight. I am currently editing and proofreading a piece of fiction for my publisher– and I am doing it LIKE A BOSS.
    And you better believe I am being bossy. If I left it up to them it would look and sound like a piece of junk. Unluckily, but luckily as it turns out, I am paying to have it published because I am the only one who has the vision it needs. So, yes, I am the boss, so I have to act like one! Edit. Edit. Edit.

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