Oh, those crazy kids.


The youth of today. You never know what they’ll think of next. Tide pod ingestion, the cinnamon challenge, butt chugging…. if it’s stupid and dangerous? They’re bound to try it.

(What’s that you say? You’re not familiar with butt chugging? Think anal alcohol enema).

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me this weird AF generation came up with another one. But damn it, I’m surprised.



Yes boys and girls, there’s a new cocktail on the bar and you might have the fixings right in your back pocket.



Color me naive, but I didn’t even know strawberry condoms existed before reading this.



I don’t know about you, but I can honestly say I’ve never been that desperate for a cocktail.



16 thoughts on “Oh, those crazy kids.”

  1. For a while there, kids were taking alcohol shots in the eyes (apparently it got you drunk faster). It is amazing what stupid stuff they can think up while sitting on the couch in mom’s basement while waiting for their video buddies to log on.


  2. Why flavoured condoms in the first place? To practise flavourful safe oral sex? “No, Johnny, I’m not going down on you unless it tastes like chocolate! And don’t even think of me swallowing,”
    Or is it that a vagina now has taste buds?

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