Let’s play.


It won’t strain your brain. I promise….



When you think of iconic theme songs, what pops into your mind? Since I’m not a huge tv watcher these days many of my picks come from my childhood.

1. Hawaii Five O

I know I’m dating myself here but it was epic for it’s day. So dramatic. Book ‘em Danno!

2. Cheers

A bar where everybody knows your name? You knew that had to be on my list.

3. Rawhide

I hate old westerns and this one was well before my time. But the husband lives on the Starz western channel and unfortunately the songs have become the soundtrack to my life. I chose this one because Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi immortalized it for me in The Blues Brothers.

3. Game of Thrones

No lyrics necessary. It rocks.

4. Green Acres

This is one of those annoying old ditties that will forever be stuck in my head.

5. M*A*S*H

If you think this song was instrumental you never saw the original movie with Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould. They said Suicide Is Painless, but I have my doubts. Listen to the version with words, it’s rather haunting.

Your turn!


33 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. I’m going to date myself big time but here are mine.

    1. Welcome Back Kotter
    2. The Duke’s of Hazzard
    3. Law & Order
    4. Happy Days
    5. Laverne & Shirley
    6. Friends
    7. The Rockford Files
    8. WKRP In Cincinnati
    9. Scrubs
    10. The Monkee’s (yes I watched and loved the Monkees)
    11. The Partridge Family
    12. Barney Miller
    13. The Sopranos
    14. Dr. Who
    15. The Jefferson’s
    16. MASH
    17. Sanford & Son

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  2. Being older than you, Rg, I can only go with the Theme to Peter Gunn.
    But if I have to, I’ll throw in the Bong-Bongggg from the Law and Order shows.
    Here is the long version of the Peter Gunn music, but one has to remember the show was only 1/2 an hour long, so the whole theme could not be played. However, all through the show the music was there in the background, telling the audience what to expect in the next few seconds. Really loved this show, mostly because of the music!

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  3. Batman,
    Star Trek,
    the Beverly Hillbillies,
    the Liberty Bell March (Theme to Monty Python’s Flying Circus),
    Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,
    the funky closing theme to Sesame Street and,
    of course,

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