It’s about time.


Remember the crazy letter I got from the IRS back in June saying we owed over $55,000 on our 2020 taxes? The one that caused me to curse the government, their incompetent workers, automated phone systems, bureaucracy, H&R Block and basically everyone associated with tax collecting?

Well…. after a solid 8 hours on the phone with 4 IRS agents (who didn’t help), two appointments and numerous phone calls with an H&R Block agent (who didn’t help), another 6 hour phone conversation with 2 IRS agents (who were absolutely clueless), and a 3 hour nightmare trying to connect with a tax advocate (who told me to call the IRS agents) … it took me writing a hateful letter and sending it certified mail to get results.

Five months later.



Yes, the IRS in all their infinite wisdom realized they made a mistake when they recorded my husband’s Marine Corps pension as $270,000 instead of the $27,000 it actually is.

Did they admit their mistake? No.

Did they apologize for the stress and hassle they caused? No.



But they did tell me I wasn’t getting a refund.

The bastards.


27 thoughts on “It’s about time.”

  1. In the big picture, they will admit they don’t have enough people, the laws are complex, etc….and yet when something seems amiss you have to jump through all these hoops to get it corrected. All of a sudden, any and all inconsistencies are deemed to be your fault, not even taking into consideration their challenges caused the issue in the first place. Nuts.

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