The post where River curses the IRS… again.


Just when I thought our nightmare with the IRS was over?




My husband’s annual social security benefit statement came the other day but something was off. It showed an IRMAA deduction and results in his check being $76 less than it is now. Since there’s supposed to be a large increase in Social Security next year… that made no sense.



The calculations were made on our 2020 tax form? Of course they were! That’s the year the friggin’ IRS screwed up and moved a decimal point on my husband’s Marine Corps retirement income. It took me 6 months to clear up that mess and get them to correct the form.. but apparently they didn’t do it in time for Social Security to make their calculations.



Yeah. I wish!

So…. thanks to the *%#<!*%* IRS, I have to gather proof they screwed up and file an appeal with Social Security to correct their numbers and get them to reset the benefit amount.

One tiny decimal point. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.



44 thoughts on “The post where River curses the IRS… again.”

  1. Taxes in the US are beyond bizarre. Not that we have them in the first place, but if you asked five people right now to do your taxes for you you’d likely have five different returns. The powers-to-be have had many generations to make this all easier, but it just gets harder.

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  2. So sorry! I fought a 6mos battle with IRS before giving up. But mine was $70 total and the result of a bank teller’s screwup with no way fir me to prove it (the days of paper records and the bank’s were long gone and “not retrievable”).

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