This new math can bite me.


Have all computers and/or cash registers run amok?

Is there a new Y2K bug of which I’m unaware?

Because for the second time in less than a month I’ve received a strange receipt/check. First they wanted to give me $2,000 change from a twenty dollar bill…. and now?



We grabbed a quick sandwich the other day and while I was going to leave a ten dollar tip…. I had to do a double take at the establishment’s gratuity recommendations.

My math has 20% of $39.19 equaling $7.83… so yeah. This new math can bite me.


42 thoughts on “This new math can bite me.”

  1. Always ALWAYS do your own math. Good on you. How was lunch? I had corned beef and swiss on rye toast in the kitchen. It was great. Estimated cost: $4.00, and no tip for the server. What’s wrong with me?

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  2. You have to be very careful with restaurant checks these days–they have ‘inflation charges’, some charge for using a charge card, some put a price with no explanation and as you have found out they don’t know math!

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      1. That’s to pay for the masks the help IS supposed to be wearing–it is for the hand cleanser–it is because they are getting away with it!
        My foot doctor had a COVID charge!!!!!!

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  3. Hmmm. Multiple issues here. My math teacher mother used to deal with this all the time, trying to get her students to actually look at the percentage number and see what’s wrong. If the tip is larger than the bill than you better check your math. Moral: We need to do a better job at teaching basic math and people need to stop taking the number on blind faith and actually check the math.

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