The internet is a funny, if not slightly creepy, place.


I was happily cruising Facebook one afternoon, agreeing with sentiments like this:



Hard to argue with that, eh?

When I stopped to laugh and comment on a friend’s post.



Now wouldn’t that be a hoot? Screw your kale… pinecones are the real secret to longevity.

I didn’t think anything of it, until an hour later when I picked up my phone and checked my Apple News feed to find this –






Or is the ghost of Steve Jobs tracking my activity?

You be the judge.



9 thoughts on “The internet is a funny, if not slightly creepy, place.”

  1. Oh that’s a great idea…live to be 100, except I don’t think I would be as weird…just say that I ate whole extra cheese and pepperoni pizzas every day for 75 years, the first 25 years I ate pretty healthy.

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  2. Thought of you when my work computer displayed 2 ads for items I’d bought with my personal computer. That one spooked me.

    Also when browsing Hapet’s Bazaar at the chiro’s office and I came across high heels covered in inflated red late balloons… for the bargain price of $1,850 USD /pair.

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