There’s no such thing as too many books.


I am one seriously happy camper.

Bring a voracious reader, I can fly through a book in a day though it usually takes me as long as two. Three if it’s summer and I have to mow the lawn.

This habit can get expensive so while I’m sure I’ve bought Jeff Bezos a new yacht or two over the years …. I do like to shop Goodwill, thrift stores and yard sales for my reading material. And when our little local library has its annual cull? I’m smiling ear to ear.

So last week… when I discovered the library now has a small store that will be open two days a week selling $2 books from it’s shelves as well as private donations?



I was positively orgasmic.

Dying to check it out, I dragged the husband in there on our way home from lunch the other day and only made it through one shelf before he was crying uncle.



18 books later?

I can’t wait to go back.



41 thoughts on “There’s no such thing as too many books.”

  1. Just in case, enjoy it while you can. I spent most of my life as a reader, and while I still try, since my concussion in 2009 I have read maybe 50 books. What used to take hours, maybe a day, now takes a month if I am lucky. My big accomplishment was finally reading War and Peace, but it took me almost a year.
    I cannot tell you what happened, because my doctors could not tell me. I still have my concentration to be able to read, but I don’t have the right attitude. Movies don’t interest me anymore either. A split second, and life changed for the worse!

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    1. I read War and Peace. It took me almost 3 months. And I thought that was a long time. Lol. It took me 3 years to read the entire Bible.
      I am so sorry for what you went and are going through.


  2. Cathy’s a librarian and she gets to see all the donations and books that are culled from the shelves. I will have to consolidate the miniatures and assorted stuff to make more space. Problems problems.

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  3. You would LOVE my new volunteer position, River. We have a lending library at the clubhouse with 100-200 linear feet of books (plus a sprinkling of cookbooks & jigsaw puzzles). It’s like the Free Library Boxes but a bit bigger.

    And the NEW librarian . . . C’EST MOI!

    Happy Reading!

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  4. My husband bought me the entire Wheel of Time series two Christmases ago…15 books…roughly 1000 pages each.

    Now, I pride myself on being a voracious reader, but this overwhelmed me, so I shoved them under a bed.

    Fast forward a year, and I finally began (they are wonderful). However, I find myself doing very little else. Even speed reading, these suckers have humbled me.

    So, my point? If you want a good read that actually makes it impossible to finish in two days, this series is for you!

    P. S. WAY better than the Amazon Prime series that tried to imitate the first book.

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  5. I have a library probably 500 books (all hardback) strong, as I can not get rid of a hardback. Our county library system has a “friends of the library” annex in each library where they sell books cheap ($2 hardback, 50 cents paperback), and the selection is new releases as well as older books. They also accept donations, and once a year, have a huge sale-off that requires an area the size of a basketball court to present the books.

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  6. Books, they are my favorite pastime!! I’m a bibliophile and I keep all my books, I have a small collection now, and I will never part with them. Might I suggest The Physician by Noah Gordon, The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer and American Sherlock by Kate Winkler Dawson. But you might have already read that one.

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      1. If you like Mary Roach, you will like Kate Dawson. She’s not humorous like Mary but her book is about how forensic science, crime scene investigations came about. It’s really a good book, as is The Physician.

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  7. Our Library sells books too. But alas, money so I check out what I can. You’re right, though. Books are the first thing I go through at Thrift Stores, or the last so I can take my time.
    Remember, you are talking to someone who took out the oven and stove in her trailer so I have book space.

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      1. I horrified people by getting rid of all my read books about a decade ago. I kept about 1 shelf’s worth… stuff I really like or autographed.
        I hardly read now but am hoping that’s due to school and that I’ll resume after I grad.

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