Ooh la la!


As I mentioned a few days ago, I love tea. Almost every kind… except green.



Aside from the fact it tastes like hot swamp water, green tea is weak. And I like my tea like I like my men. Bold and strong. I don’t drink ( or date) dishwater.

My cupboard is full of boxes, canisters and envelopes of marvelous varieties with flavors to satisfy anyone… except my husband who suddenly decided he wanted to drink green tea.

Dutiful wife that I am … yes, I typed that with a straight face… I purchased a few types for him to try.



The one on the left is plain green, which to me is so tasteless I wonder why people bother. After sampling the others, blueberry and honey ginseng , he picked the dishwater. Probably just to spite me.

And while I had little interest, I opened the Harney and Sons blueberry green tea tin just because.



Oh. My. God!

The robust scent of fruit that wafted out of the container was amazing. Rich, lovely and I hate to say it… but better than pie.

Made with pieces of real blueberries, I had to immediately steep a cup and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint.

This is the least ‘green’ green tea I’ve ever had and it’s fabulous!


35 thoughts on “Ooh la la!”

  1. Green tea is supposed to be very good for us old farts. Especially those of us with heart and GI issues.
    I determinedly laid in some boxes and drank a cup before bedtime … I should throw those old boxes out …. I think it has been about three years …
    But if he will drink that insipid pale green horror, mazel tov!

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  2. I’m going to Google that tea immediately! I’ve been a dishwater drinker for years. I’m sipping it as I’m typing you~pretending it’s the blueberry one! I love teas. Not as much as my coffee~but my 2nd choice! I’m living with stage 4 cancer and “they” say green tea is good for me. I think blueberry even better! Sip sip

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  3. I will concur on the green tea, to me it tastes like someone mowed their lawn and burned the grass and decided it would make good green tea. Not to mention that I can hardly find a taste to it but when I have it tastes like weak grass tea. No, I haven’t ever had grass tea but that’s what it tastes like to me. Give me some black tea anytime over the herbal stuff. That blueberry NOT green tea sounds wonderful.

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  4. I discovered a tea about 10 years ago that I now mix with every other kind of tea I brew at home. It is called Pu-Erh. This is what the Internet has to say about it:
    Pu erh is a fermented tea that aids in digestion and is loaded with polyphenols, it cleanses toxins and free radicals. In addition, Pu-erh tea health benefits include improving heart health because it contains statins that lower cholesterol. Pu erh also contains a very diverse makeup of bacteria to support gut health.
    Unfortunately it is also high in caffeine, which is why I do not drink it straight. But it does add a flavour I cannot get from any other brand of tea. It is a mite expensive, but it lasts a long time. After all, it is cured for anywhere from 100 to 500 years before it ever hits the market.
    So, just wondering if you or any of your readers has tried it, and what do they think?

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    1. It seems I’ve heard of that but never tried it. The caffeine doesn’t bother me since it’s still less than coffee and I don’t drink it late in the day… but I think I remember it having less antioxidants.


      1. I should warn you, I have no taste buds. Lost them when I was a smoker 40 years ago. They never recovered. A taste has to be strong formme to notice it…

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  5. Sounds good . . . and good for you:

    What is blueberry green tea good for?
    Health Benefits:

    Its high polophenol count make it the best tea choice for preventing cancer, boosting the immune system, regulating blood sugar, detoxifying the body and promoting healthy teeth, skin and bones. Also, it may help to lower cholesterol and it”s good for digestion.


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  6. I like green tea with Jasmine flowers – probably because of the scentsation. The good thing with green tea is no milk is required so I can drink it cold. The blueberry sounds delightful, I hope it’s not synthetically flavoured. Regardless, I’m happy to be preaching to the converted. 🙂

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