I love beer, but….


Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of crazy beers.

Pine needle stout? Yes.

Earl Grey Tea IPA? Sure.

Maple syrup porter? You bet.

Banana and clove Hefeweizen? Absolutely, it was delicious.

Heck, I even tried a beer made from gummy bears… though I instantly regretted it.

But after reading this article I realized even I have limits. I’m calling a hard pass with this one.



Just… no.



But if any of my readers are more adventurous… please have a glass and report back.


31 thoughts on “I love beer, but….”

  1. I don’t know which is more disgusting: Balls in a beer, or Trumpest in a teapot brewed by Stormy Daniels…..but the latter, having proven to be no flash in the pan, seems destined to have more ‘legs.’

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