I’ll huff and I’ll puff…..


And I’ll blow your paper garage down.

(Alternate title – You have got to be sh*tting me.)

 After years of  relentless nagging  gentle persuasion, I finally talked the husband into replacing the old rotted siding on our garage this weekend.

He started removing it out front, which was fine.

(No plumber’s butt shots. You’re welcome.)




Then he turned the corner…




Started ripping, and found….




Paper.  Lots and lots of paper….. but no walls.

Paper walls!

Fuckety, fuck, fuck.

There was literally nothing behind the old siding but paper.




Who does that?

“Gee honey, wood is expensive. Grab me that spiral notebook and the trashy romance novel you were reading last week.”

Good grief, even the 2 little pigs used sticks and straw.

Needless to say, the husband was not amused at all the extra work this was going to entail.




I tried to make light of it and told him we could have an awesome transom window, but  he had a hammer in his hand and a strange look in his eye  that didn’t go over well either.

To be continued….

(Face it, this project is going to take a month of Sundays and if I have to live through it? So do you. That’s the beauty of blogging! But if it makes you feel any better, I had a large splinter in my butt from rubbing against a piece of rough cut wood yesterday so …. I still get the worst of it.)

19 thoughts on “I’ll huff and I’ll puff…..”

  1. Men always love those jobs,the extra jobs when things could have been just ‘left’ ,they learn to smile at their wives while the job is done, the words ‘there was no need to do this’ never uttered


    1. In my defense, it definitely needed to be done. The old wooden siding was rotting right off on the bottom and he’d been sputtering about replacing it for years. But now that he has to put new walls up all the way around? He’s really sputtering!


  2. I took a visit to Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford a few months back. A section of the wall had been removed, only a metre square, to show the public is make-up. Sticks and mud, and that was built in 500 years ago and still standing. But paper…..!!!!! 😳


  3. I apologize for laughing. Sounds like something that would happen to me! Fortunately, my current house is brick, so I think we’re safe enough – at least on the first floor. Who knows what may, or may not be, behind the siding on the second-floor dormer. I really don’t want to find out. I’m looking forward to living through the repairs with you.

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    1. The garage was built by the original owner of the house… and some of his techniques are questionable to say the least. You never know what lies beneath when you remodel…. but I certainly wasn’t expecting paper walls!

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  4. Well, the work on the garage is going to delay completion of the barn which is going to delay completion of your snazzy sports car birthday present.

    And . . . the alternate title fits best!

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  5. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I handled Homeowner’s Claims for 13 years and have just started doing it again, so I’ve seen this before and worse! Crazy what builders (or people who owned the house before you) do to cut corners!


  6. Hahaha! The pigs comparison cracked me up!
    Let me help you — what’s worse than paper? NOTHING. And by that, I mean to tell you, our garage is just framed and sided. Now, it’s not attached to our house, so it doesn’t affect the heating bill, but when our garage siding came off in a storm a few years back, we enjoyed housing raccoons and cats, who could hop right in for the slat that needed to be mended. Apparently the people who built this house didn’t even have some old newspapers lyin around.


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