I have piles.





No, not that kind of piles…. the remodel the garage type piles.

There are piles to go to the dump…




Piles that the neighbor across the street might want.




There are big piles.




And little piles.




And piles that the husband might want to use for something, someday… which really means never.




That’s entirely too many piles!

If we were better acquainted,  you’d know how crazy this makes me.





And if all those piles aren’t enough to make me  stab my husband with a fork  twitch, there’s this one:




Which interferes with my late afternoon summer reading.

And that… can not be tolerated.






18 thoughts on “I have piles.”

      1. have you seen my garage? and my shed? and my little plastic shed? Let’s start with the 6, yes 6 riding lawn mowers……I didn’t think my ass what THAT wide, that I would need SIX lawn mowers…..

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  1. I’m in a cold sweat just looking at this… Piles are one of my triggers, too. That and people leaving towels balled up so they can’t dry. THAT’S when I feel ready to go all Firestarter.


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