I know you’re out there Alfred….



I woke up the other morning to an eerie fog covered world.

And an even eerier bird covered telephone line.




They were gathering.





Too quietly.

And I thought,




Did I forget to fill the bird feeders?

Was the bird bath empty?

Were they here for revenge?




And then I saw that one.

There… on the left.





It looked like a lobster..Β  and I knew I was doomed.

I couldn’t sedate it, I haven’t smoked weed since 1983!



So I did what any self respecting Alfred Hitchcock fan would do.

I hid in the house until they dispersed.




And put bird seed on my shopping list because I’m not taking any chances.




And P.S….

Did you know there’s a Bird’s Halloween costume?



I might just need one of those to go grocery shopping.

24 thoughts on “I know you’re out there Alfred….”

  1. Creepy af. We have a 4 acre field next to the house and it apparently is listed on whatever website the birds use to migrate. We get gaggles of geese, murders of ravens, and several other flocks stopping by en route to their vacation destinations.

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    1. I hate to sound like a school teacher… but it’s actually a murder of crows and an unkindness of ravens. Or conspiracy, which sounds even worse. As for the field, that sounds wonderful. I love to hear geese honking in unison.

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