Are we doing this now?



As I was thrift store shopping with a friend this week, I ran cross an item that shouldn’t surprise me.




Because yes, we probably have become this lazy.

Now granted, we all have our moments.




But if the day comes when it requires too much effort to hold your own phone?




P.S.  It should be noted that when I first saw read the box I thought…

#1.  It was made by a brand named Absurdo… which seemed entirely plausible.


#2.   That it would only rotate your neck if your neck was soft…. and I wondered what kind of neck I had, why I needed product assistance to rotate it, would said rotation hurt, did it come in different sizes for different sized necks like football players and giraffes, and how I would go about finding out.

Because sometimes, my mind just goes to odd places and I can’t get it back.

24 thoughts on “Are we doing this now?”

  1. I know several people who would probably put this Absurd Absurdo apparatus to “good” use.

    Like you, I can’t imagine wanting to spend that much time with a teeny tiny screen.


  2. 1) I don’t see how it could possibly rotate a neck unless the cat went crazy and attacked it.
    2) I can see how it would bend the neck, and even break it if the dog decided to land in your lap.
    3) What is wrong with a perfectly good family room with a TV, easy chair, remote and a full bowl of of buttered popcorn?


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