Color me impressed.



My favorite time of year is here and Mother Nature is putting on a show in Maine.




Pockets of beautiful autumnal color are bursting forth.




And almost everywhere you look, it’s gorgeous.




Warm days, cool nights…




Farmers markets filled with apples and pumpkins.




If there’s a prettier place than autumn in New England…




I’m sure I don’t know where it is.




Even the dearly departed are enjoying the show.

Welcome fall!

28 thoughts on “Color me impressed.”

  1. I need to move up North because Autumn in the South sucks the big one. Our leaves turn brown, then fall off the tree. The calendar says its fall….with fall temps, but its still in the mid-80s and Summer mode. Let me think of one good thing to say about my climate………….

    Have a nice day.

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  2. Sometimes I miss Maine falls and all the beautiful reds. Here is the west it is all browns but it is impressive how many different colors of browns we get. Most of our leaves are down now and it is getting quite crisp. It is bound to get crisper since there was a major natural gas pipeline explosion north of us and they are asking us to turn our thermostats off. Are they kidding?

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