She’s a peach.


Technically, she’s a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog named Peaches who belongs to the farmers across the street…. but yes, she’s a peach as well.




They went out of town over the weekend so we had dog duty… which isn’t a hardship because I’m currently petless for the first time in my life due to a husband who wants to travel when he retires next year.




I agree Peaches.

Boo and hiss to that.




Peaches is a rough and tumble farm dog who dearly missed her father…. and spent an inordinate amount of time looking for him out the window.




She couldn’t quite grasp the fact that she wasn’t allowed to cross the road and go back home…. so even though she’s a free range canine, when we had her outside she had to be tied.




That didn’t go over very well…

So the first thing she did in retaliation?





Peaches – 1.

Alvin – 0.




Peaches is also the only dog I know who enjoys self flagellation.

She picks up her toys and beats herself silly. To the point where I worry she’ll hurt herself.

Naturally she only flagellated half heartedly whenever I filmed, but you get the idea.




Hey, whatever floats your boat.

It kept her occupied, and the chipmunk population breathed a sigh of relief.


19 thoughts on “She’s a peach.”

  1. Bring her to my house. I have a crapload of squirrels to get rid of. They got into my attic, they’ve pulled boards loose, and stored nuts where they are not to be.

    I love the little buggers…..just stay OUT of my house!

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