What is it about shoes?


Hello, My name is River…. and I’m an addict.

There I said it.

I’m an admitted shoe-aholic.

And while it’s entirely possible I started out life like this –




My love of shoes has been a constant through the years. In the past I had racks full of sexy high heeled shoes. Truly… I never met a pump or peep toe mule I didn’t like. But now, in my decrepit early 50’s with evil bunions paining my every step, you’re more likely to find sandals, sneakers and boots clogging my closet.

But that doesn’t mean I still don’t have a slight problem.




So I went shoe shopping last week and bought a few pairs for fall/winter.




But in my defense, I never repeated a color so that should count for something.

Grey, olive, navy, brown, putty, (yes, be quiet…that’s a color) black, and beige.


I lied.




I did buy 2 black pairs. But one was leather and one was suede.

And yes, I bought 2 beige pairs… but look. That one has lacy cutouts on the top.

And that blue pair? Well, they’re fleece lined so that’s totally different.

The brown.

Damn. I have no excuse for the brown.

But I’m an addict, remember? Shoes are my crack!




There are those  ( My husband, my friends, my family, my old coworkers… alright basically everyone. You happy?)  who say I have too many shoes.

To which I reply –



Too many shoes?

Pffftt!  It’s like being too rich or too thin…. just not possible.

And please don’t raise the possibility of me returning any of my recent purchases to the store.




Because it’s not going to happen.

I love me some shoes.



And clearly the universe agrees…

Because it sent me a sign in the mail today.




Did I mention I also love the word free?
















44 thoughts on “What is it about shoes?”

  1. That “free weekender” with $39 purchase starts this coming, which means you have to go back this weekend and buy more shoes in order to get the free bag.

    How come I didn’t get that coupon in the mail? I like DSW. Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m not a VIP member. Oops!

    All your purchases look great, by the way. I’m inspired. Guess who now needs some new pairs of Fall/Winter boots?

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      1. what?? I bought me an ankle length leather coat 25 years ago. I have it leather cleaned, it looks like new and keeps my ass warm. That’s all I care about. Black goes with everything.


      2. I have SEVERAL coats. My half a dead cow is my favorite and keeps me warm. I hate the back of my thighs being cold. No one to warm them now yanno. Ok, I’ll get photos of all my coats. sheesh.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I have my half a dead cow, 3 mustang jackets, a leather short jacket, a cream wool, Ronco coat(fleece lined omg it’s warm!), 2 drover coats(1 is genuine Aussie) I have probably 3 coats I wear for wood throwin’ chores, a fleece one for football games…..and I’ve lost track of all the ones upstairs. Plus now I have several of Nicks, one of which is a black down and oh so warm…I just gave G’son #3 Nick’s brown/black leather coat. I guess I’m just not the fashion social butterfly you are my lovely sis….

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      4. You’re gonna make me remember where they ALL ARE???? *sigh* Most are in my front hall closet. Some are in the laundry room closet. My WSU college jacket is upstairs somewhere…

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  2. Shoe addictions always baffle me. First, obviously, because I’m a guy. But even most men own several different pairs of shoes. I’ve always and forever will only own one pair. It’s all I need. This way I can spend my money on more important things, like collectible critters…

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  3. I’m a shoe addict too – but in a very different way. I am addicted to the same pair of shoes that I bought nine years ago. Yes, with a judicious use of glue, duct tape and old bicycle tires, you too can wear the same shoes for almost a decade.

    She: You need new shoes.
    Me: Why?
    She: For the wedding on Sunday.
    Me: No need, I’ll just wipe the mud off them.

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    1. I’m afraid I can’t “like” that comment.
      Wedding shoes? That requires at least 4 pairs…. the ceremony, the reception, dancing and the “yes, I drank too much and have to crawl home” pair.
      No duct tape allowed!


  4. Niiiiice! Excellent shoe choices! I bought some blue suede oxfords last year and I love them so much I think I will buy a new color every year. I love shoes, too. I actually went through my closet Sunday and got rid of 6 pair. Many were looking haggard, one pair was painful and cruel, and another I’d not worn in over a year. What is quite obvious to you, as it was to me, is that I now need to buy at least 6 new pair of shoes. What will comfort me on cold winter nights? New shoes.

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  5. I like pointing out that I have boots that are ten years old in my closet that I’m still wearing so I do get good value out of my boots. The fact I have 14 pairs of boots is immaterial. Actually – I just realised it’s 15 pairs because I bought a pair of red Timberlands yesterday in the kids section at Marshall’s. They are Very Practical for winter though so totally unfrivolous. Let’s not start on shoes or sandals or flip flops because no one likes negative nellies.

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