So I took a few pictures.

Okay, I took 1,348…. the term “a few” is clearly relative.

When I go on vacation it’s digitally preserved, each and every last detail. Because someday when I’m old and grey and drooling in the nursing home, I’ll look back fondly and remember the good times.

For now… you lot can be my bored neighbors, forced to sit through the slideshow.

Grab the popcorn…. (Or martini, you may need it. We’re talking every last detail.)

Let’s begin!

The Berkshires, in Western Massachusetts.


It took us about 5 1/2 hours to get there and the fall color was a total bust. Drab, tired and basically non existent. Disappointing, but hey… Mother Nature is a fickle b*tch.


Although she did give us a rainbow as we neared our resort, so all was not lost.

(Note – I tend to take a lot of shots through the window while my husband is flying down the road at 85 mph so forgive the quality now and then)

We stayed at one of our timeshare affiliates in Hancock called Vacation Village. We’d never been there before so we had our fingers crossed.


We were pleasantly surprised with the location as it was off the beaten path and literally up the side of a mountain.


I mean the flippin’ driveway itself went on miles.


The lobby/ reception area was nice….


And there was a giant sheep staring me down from the garden.

What more could you ask?


I requested and got a top floor in a quiet building away from the crowds.


Last unit on the left before you descend the hill was just fine with us.


The condo itself was smaller than we’re used to.


And a trifle outdated…


But the bed was comfortable, the bathroom large…


There was a fireplace and a balcony…


Though it was small and looked out over….


Well, nothing.

But it was there.

I did get a large kick out of the advertisement that was on a bulletin board by the exit door …


Cash only, on call massage.



But the mountain sky was lovely as we left for dinner.

(No Martin.. I haven’t forgotten you.)


Pan seared scallops and shrimp with white wine mussels over parmesan risotto.

And a few caramel apple sangrias to wash it down with.

Now that’s vacation!

10 thoughts on “So I took a few pictures.”

  1. Fall is so pretty, although I can see the fall you photographed looks the same as here now.
    When we visit my parents, we always get away at least one night, cottage on the sea. This condo interior reminds me of that place. But you’re right, the comfy bed is really the crucial issue. Ya gotta walk and then have a place to lie down — make sure the seafood and cocktails metabolize properly and all. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It had a velvety soft down comforter as well, so we survived…. Problem with most of the resorts is they’re always in the process of remodeling. Sometimes you get a new unit, sometimes not. But it was clean, quiet and comfortable so I’m not complaining. (Too much!)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. No popcorn–I was getting so hungry I saw Mary’s little lamb and started thinking but I had to wait and, finally, mussles and shrimp–you are going to turn into a mussled shrimp!
    By the way did you get my email??

    Liked by 1 person

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