A snow day.


We had plans for our fourth vacation day, but Mother Nature said….



We woke to non stop snow.




It didn’t look too bad at 5:00am.

Yes, 5:00am. Insomnia doesn’t care if you’re on vacation, it still says




By 7:00am it was starting to pile up.




And I crunched out on the deck in my pj’s and boots.




The husband was still asleep with his cure for light breaking through the bedroom curtains firmly attached.




Yes, that’s a fork.




Determined not to let snow defeat me, I showered and got ready for the day. Which in that funky bathroom with the whirlpool tub and tv… meant squeezing into the tiny little stall and watching myself bathe.




I didn’t want to… trust me on this.

But the way the room was laid out,  it was hard not to.





And yes. Those are polar bears on my jammies.

Don’t judge.




By the time we ventured out, the roads were sheer ice.




And the husband was less than pleased to scrape it off the windshield every 500 feet.

Please note the temperature is 15 degrees.




At first it looked as though the sun would come out…




And it made for some interesting through the dirty windshield pictures.




But the wind was starting to howl, the roads were getting treacherous…




And it was getting darker by the minute.

So we did what any snow tormented vacationer would do….




We got pizza, (at Positive Pie, because who wants a negative one?) went back to the resort, lit a fire (in the fireplace, we’re not heathens) and snuggled.





(Well, it would have been. We did go back to the resort and light a fire, except the husband snuggled with the tv remote instead of me and watched John Wayne movies all day. But hey, at least he wasn’t naked in the whirlpool tub.)









34 thoughts on “A snow day.”

  1. While snow is wonderful in theory, it’s the practical experiences with it that we remember most. Therefore, I’m going to suggest that you had a memorable vacay… and leave it at that. Happy to be home?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s strange, when we’re at home I tend to dread snow because I have to shovel it, drag groceries through it etc…. but when I’m at a resort on vacation? I wanted to go out and frolic in it. The husband? Not so much….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We have had a couple snows. 1/4″ or so. Then it’s gone. 14* here this morning. and still nothing. If it is gonna be COLD? I need to be ass deep in white shit……………..

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  2. A day well spent. So beautiful. Snows a lot here lately, but just doesn’t stick much at all.
    I, too, have polar bear jammies. The polar bears are wearing scarves and drinking cocoa how they do, and around every third bear or so, ‘let’s chill’ is written.
    The more interesting pajamas are ‘love monkey’ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. While I appreciate a scarf wearing, cocoa sipping bear as much as the next girl… I’m constantly irritated that the pajama choices for women are Victoria’s Secret slut or cutesy anthropomorphic bears. Why is there nothing in between?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HAH! I feel that way about shoes! Why is it all ‘granny’ or ‘badass bitch’? I need both, but I need a lot more in-between.
        For over a decade I wore VS Cotton Mayfair pajamas religiously. My polar bears are from Macy’s. I have the same set in 3 different motifs. Very comfy. They could put coke-snorting cows on them and I’d buy them. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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