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If you shovel… they will come.


With apologies to Kevin Costner….




I’m talking about the deer.




When snow covers the ground and grass is hard to find?





Shoveling a path is a sure way to attract a crowd.




Or a herd, as the case may be.




We were really glad to see our resident 12 point buck survived hunting season.




And visits daily with his harem.




Of course he also chases them away when the treats run low.




Cheeky bugger.

Here’s a little clip in between snow storms.


Boaters beware.


Maine is a quirky place.

The landscape is rugged….




And the weather is challenging to say the least.




So we tend to have a sense of humor about most things…

Even road signs.

Like this one I saw the other day.




Can you read the note to boaters?


IMG_5881 (2)


Attention Boaters!!

Unless your truck and trailer can fly, you can’t get to the boat launch!

Just sayin!




Because apparently… this is a thing.



You all know I like them. You all know my husband is the evil man who won’t let me have them.

(Okay, so in complete honesty he says I can have them… but I have to be the one who goes out in the minus 20 degree winter temperatures to feed, water, and clean the coop in mid January and we all know that’s not happening.)



Yeah… no.

But if I did have them?

I would totally be on board with the latest chicken trend.












In tutus!




Granted, not all of them look thrilled with the idea.




And okay, watch out for that one. He looks homicidal….

But chickens in tutus!

It’s a good thing.



Thank you Martha.

I thought you might.



Pink sky at night….


Sailor’s delight.

Pink sky in morning….

Sailors take warning.




Our backyard sky Sunday morning.




Uh oh.




Our weather has been wacky lately.

Bright sun and 55 degrees one day….

Cold, snow and bitter wind the next.




Oh well..

We’ll get there eventually.




But not today….



Me, shoveling Tuesday morning…..

And not really enjoying April.

Come on spring!





Nothing blooming here but snowflakes…

But that doesn’t mean I can’t import a little now and then.

 As for the upcoming holiday?


I broke the unbreakable. And snow.


I can break anything.

Really. It’s one of my lesser known talents.

You know those cheap Corelle bowls?

The ones you can’t kill?








I didn’t even have to put it on the stovetop or broiler.

Yay me.

In other news, it snowed.


To which people in Maine replied….




A simple reminder that we’ve had enough frigid blasts of white stuff followed by 52 degree days and melting.

Of course, the melting does allow us to participate in the annual derby.




The pothole fishing derby.

Loads of fun for the entire family….

But not your car.





A wee bit of snow.


Southern Maine dodged the snow bullet this winter with only a few insignificant storms here and there.

Northern Maine…?



Not so much.

Every time we got an inch?



They got a foot.

Personally, I think that kind of snow is a hoot.

Snow banks?



Yeah, baby.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!



Snowmobile trail?

It’s there…




Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

Two years ago this was our driveway –



And yes, that’s a ruler.

Ah, winter.

You make life interesting…



Arizona sightseeing ….


After our trip to the Chapel, the husband headed up Hwy 179 …




Through more canyons…




And an infinite number of roundabouts, some decorated with rather nice metal sculptures.




We turned up 89A and drove through the usually busy, but too wet to shop that day part of Sedona known as uptown. Sedona is large and spread out into separate sections. Oak Creek Village, where we were staying… was quiet and felt like a community. West Sedona was a long main drag of restaurants and strip malls. Uptown was attractive, bustling, and filled with all the expensive tourist shops you expect to see. But continue on 89A for just a mile or two…




And you’re in a different world.




The rocks go from red to brown…




And you find yourself in a pine forest…




On a twisty, turning mountain road….




In the snow!




Of all the things I expected to see in Arizona?

Snow was not one of them…




But we were headed to Flagstaff and apparently it’s a whole different world up there. Kids were playing, sliding, sledding and building miniature snowmen. We saw a pick up truck owner fill his bed with the cold white stuff to haul back to Phoenix. Hoards of cars were pulled over on the side of the highway just so the passengers could get out and romp in the snow. Police were everywhere trying to keep them out of the roads.. it was nuts!




Of course a little snow doesn’t bother us, we’re Mainers!





Although the high elevation, switchback road got interesting in 5% visibility.




As did Arizona snowplows who were literally all over the road.

50 feet? No problem… I’ll give you a hundred.

But there was a Prickly Pear Mule with my name on it….




And nothing can keep me from that.




Mother of God! I’m not exaggerating when I tell you this was the best mule I HAVE EVER HAD! (and that’s saying something) I swore to myself I would find Canyon Diablo Prickly Pear Vodka before I left Arizona and smuggle numerous bottles home in my suitcase… Homeland Security be damned.

I have to be honest and tell you I don’t even remember the name of the restaurant, or where in Flagstaff it was. I was in mule heaven and totally oblivious to my surroundings…




But you could tell by the shooter list the place had a sense of humor.




5 points to the first person who can tell me….




The male equivalent of Camel Toe without looking it up…


It was Sunday, the place had a big screen tv, and brother… get a load of this.




Brilliant bar marketing, but a person could get seriously sloshed just watching the game!

Oh, and yes.

There was lunch…




A spicy southwestern cheeseburger with awesome hot dill potato salad for me…. and a roast beef melt on rye with Spanish beans for the husband. What’s a Spanish bean? I have no idea… and after 2 mules I couldn’t have cared less.




As we were leaving, this little darling was packing a snowball and had that “let’s hit the tourist lady” look in his eye.

To be honest, I doubt I could have cared less about that either. Take your best shot junior, the drinks were strong and the tourist lady won’t feel a thing.

Prickly pear vodka……  oh yes.

Yes, please!!




The ride back?

Looked something like this.

I think… I was still savoring the vodka and not paying any particular attention.