The flavor graveyard….


Because I told you Ben and Jerry’s was a funky place.




When the factory tour was complete, we were told not to miss the graveyard.




And never wanting to miss a graveyard, up the hill we went.



I thought it would be a joke, but no.




There were actual granite headstones.




One for each of the flavors that didn’t quite catch on.




I was sad to see Maine had been laid to rest…




But couldn’t fault killing this one off.







Most of them I hadn’t even heard of..




Which in this case…




Was a good thing.







And so as the sun set on the ice cream cemetery…




We left Ben and Jerry…




And their giant vats of creamy and sugary goodness behind.






19 thoughts on “The flavor graveyard….”

  1. Having to straighten up the freezer section of the store once or twice a week, I’ve grown to despise Ben & Jerry’s since their tiny buckets of ice cream fall over too easily within the freezer case and there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to their flavor names which makes them even more difficult to sort out when they end up a wreck. On the plus side, I was recently able to correctly identify both of the current major late night show hosts in an online quiz only because I remembered their names from our B&J selection….

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