The Arizona trip…..

(Sorry highlight people, but the vacation vote was 8 to 3 in favor of details and minutia. If that’s not your thing? Check back with me in a month. Maybe longer… it was a helluva trip!)

We started out at zero dead thirty.


Yes, that’s 12 minutes after 2 in the morning…. not my finest hour. I’m a chronic insomniac and usually don’t fall asleep before 1:00, so you can imagine how pretty I was leaving for the airport.


Delta did their best to make me feel special, but all I felt like was a zombie. (Probably looked like one too.) Did I mention I went for a slight trim before the trip and came back minus 10 inches of hair?


It used to be halfway down my back, so on what planet is this a trim? No more ponytail  bad hair days for me. Anyway…

I’m one of those annoying fliers who has to sit by the window and gawk at our world from on high. It never ceases to amaze me…


Soaring above big fluffy clouds…


And little puffy clouds…


And mountains that look like crumpled paper… it never gets old. Airplane magazines however, do. I have to say I never realized their target audience was bald people.


Every other ad seemed to be about regrowing hair.


Sure, my hair can go to the gym… just leave the rest of me home on the couch and we’ll be fine.

We landed in Atlanta, which is always a zoo…. and I had to laugh at this hotel that was right on the runway.


Hell, I complain when I hear cars in the parking lot below my room… who needs a disembarking 747?


I’ve never been out west before and was oddly fascinated with the patchwork topography.


Crop circles? Or giant Pac Mans…?


The mountains meeting the desert was pretty impressive.


Phoenix? Not so much. Sorry, but I hate your airport. It’s not laid out well and the fact that your rental cars are miles away which force me to slog my giant stone filled luggage aboard a shuttle bus and sit like a stuffed sardine in cramped seats with a driver who takes pleasure in turning too tightly and seeing all his passengers flung from side to side is not my idea of a good time.


But I did get a kick out of Arizona cowboys…


Who apparently wear two hats at a time.

Driving out of Phoenix was a traffic nightmare and again, sorry Phoenix… but ugly. Brown, flat and boring. Though they did try to perk it up with some interesting highway rock art.




The overpasses were painted as well…



So kudos for the beautification attempt Phoenix. Leaving the city made me smile because I spotted my first cactus…


I was giddy!


For a Yankee girl like me, this is exotic stuff!


There were veritable cactus forests springing up alongside the road. Squeeeeee!! This is what I think of when I envision the southwest.


That, and scary badass road names.

All too soon the cactus disappeared and things turned brown again.


But then…


They started to turn red….


And I knew we were getting close to Sedona.


40 thoughts on “The Arizona trip…..”

  1. Thanks for the pics, it looks wonderful. I believe those giant pac mans are sod farms since grass in the west/southwest is kind of rare people sell sod to those who prefer green to the brown landscape, lol. I really hope you enjoyed your trip!

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  2. When we flew into Phoenix it was 118*F. talk about TURBULENCE…..

    Does this slideshow provide Mojitos? Since it’s not the Readers Digest Condensed version? OH, and popcorn too. please.

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  3. Ohhh, this was fun (although I am sorry about your hair). By the way, I LOVE that clock! I’m one of those people who think we should be A M A Z E D every time we fly and look out the window at the amazing scenery. Your photos are topnotch. And your commentary is fun/funny.
    Two hats on one head, huh? He must think he had a big head, or that he’s two-headed at times.

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    1. Thanks… I’m glad you liked them. I’m a bit of a flying geek. I love the view from up there and as long as there’s something to look at outside… I will. Makes me want to shake all the brain dead fools who have their faces stuck in phones and ipads. There’s a big wide world out there folks… take a look before it’s gone!

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  4. At first glance I thought the Delta bag said “The world is better without you in it” and JoJo wanted to know why I was laughing so hard. LOL Only I would think an insult of that caliber is worth choking to death on laughter over.

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  5. Sorry Phoenix disappointed you. You really have to hang out in it to appreciate it I guess. I am an airplane-window-gawker too. I love the way the landscape looks from way above.

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  6. Sorry about the hair. I hate that. I have a good & trustworthy person now and before her, basically 2 years of trimming my own long hairs.

    I prefer to see the desert in photos, so thank you.

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