I’m baaaaaaack!


And you all are in trouble.

Or you could be… because besides being exhausted and buried in dirty laundry,  I’m buried in vacation photos. And that means you could soon be buried in vacation photos.

So my question is this:  would you prefer –

#1.  To be fully immersed in my normal day to day, minutia filled, travel posts?  (Including restaurants, food, cocktails in the pysch ward, funny road signs, elk poop, a cowboy with 2 hats, the lizard meet and greet, 59 whirlpool tub reflections, death spoon art, the mouse warrior, an amethyst penis, frozen fog, vicious Grand Canyon squirrels, etc.)


#2.  Just the highlights.  (Scenic photos, a few videos and get over yourself River… no one really cares how you spent the last 2 weeks.)

Your choice.



57 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaack!”

  1. Happy to see you here again. I’m all about travel highlights, then if people seem interested in one particular aspect of your highlights, go deeper in a subsequent post. [Years of blogging condensed into one sentence there.]

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  2. I would say highlights because then you’ll have reserves in case you need a quick, easy post in the future. Then you can just share “unseen” footage. LOL

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      1. Don’t take it personally. Maybe it hates me? LOL I post every M/W/F, sometimes I’ll throw in a bonus post from time to time, but hopefully that’ll help you know when to come check the blog out. LOL

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