Moving day… and rocks.

The one week mark of our trip arrived Saturday…

And I’d spent 4 days of it sick. 3 in bed.

And now that the first week was over, it was time to move to our second resort… which I kind of hated to do since I never had the opportunity to fully enjoy the first.

Check out time was 10:00am, but check in time at the next one was 4:00pm so we had some time to kill. I floated numerous ideas, all of which the husband rejected as he drove straight to the next resort. I’m not sure what part of 4:00pm he didn’t understand, but off we went.

Naturally, our unit wasn’t ready and they told us…. are you ready?

Come back at 4:00pm.

Shocking…. I know.

So we revisited my idea of exploring and went to Bell Rock Park.


Yes, more rocks!


And you know they were fabulous because there’s my husband who never takes pictures… taking pictures.


We read a little history…


Hoped we’d see a roadrunner…


Compared sketches to the real thing…



Not bad.



Close, but no cigar.


We promised not to bust the crust…


And headed down the Bell Rock Pathway.

Mind you, I’d just gone to the doctor the day before and still wasn’t feeling 100% back to normal…


But the rocks were gorgeous.

And we walked…


And walked….


And walked some more.


I was tempted to walk the whole thing and even climb up Bell Rock like these people did…

See that speck on the top left? Person.

Speck on the second tier rock on the right? Person.


But every few minutes the husband was asking if I was okay, and it made me start to doubt he was. High elevation can make you sick… like it did me… but it also can drain your energy, cause you to burn more calories than usual, as well as leave you fatigued and out of breath after shorts bouts of exercise. So after walking a bit farther, and watching the husband purposely stick himself with a cactus….

We called it  a day.


And said goodbye to the rocks.


Hey now.

That’s a little harsh….

14 thoughts on “Moving day… and rocks.”

  1. River,
    Your trip rocks as long as you don’t trip on the rocks! Cuz then it can get prickly! (See what I did there?) Hope your husband felt better soon after his encounter with the cactus. Perhaps a Gatorade was in order. Or a gun to shoot the damned thing. BTW, You didn’t say which resort you went to. Was it Bell Rock, Arizona? Or was that just the name of the park and the big rock there? Uhm, so where exactly are we in Arizona? One rock looks much like the other rocks. They’re all stunning, mind you, but I get a little anxious when I don’t know where I am. That’s why I wouldn’t make a good explorer. I need to know where I am — at all times. Look forward to these answers, which I’m sure you’ll provide in tomorrow’s post. Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Resort will be revealed tomorrow…and unless otherwise stated, we were in Sedona. (You’d know this if you read everyday and kept current on the riveting minute by minute details of our trip. Bad blogger. Bad.)


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