The abyss….




Creepy meme aside, I meant this abyss.




South Rim, Grand Canyon.




Was it deeper than any of the other chasms we saw that day?

I don’t know.

When you’ve seen one giant gaping hole….




I have to admit, as grand (and impressive, and majestic, and awe inspiring, and wondrous) as it was… and it really was! After an entire day ducking in and out of scenic vistas and taking pictures of holes and rocks in the frigid wind, my mind’s eye was looking elsewhere.









Placards about ravens?

Why not.




Obligatory cell phone panoramic?





Husband walking?

Yeah, I only have 11,786 of those.



Short video clip?

Sorry, that too.




Because Hell, when it feels like 4 below and you can no longer feel your feet? Sometimes rocks are just…





Well, yes.

There is that.

26 thoughts on “The abyss….”

  1. similar thing when I went, only not so many of your husband walking.
    Great time of year to visit. The snow pics reminded me of leaving Bryce – It just started snowing as we left. 36 inches that day. What a drive. Those truck drivers drinking their 5 hours of power never change speed,even for a foot of snow.

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  2. Every winter, we fly down to Phoenix to visit my mother-in-law. It is our way of getting out of the snow and cold and every year, we drive to the Grand Canyon to spend time in the snow and cold. I just don’t know why we do the things we do.

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