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White Mountains trip Day 2…. Upper Jackson Falls


Yes… we’re still on the second day of our trip.

And yes, we’re still at the Falls.



Hey, just be glad I’m weeding through the 1704 photos and only giving you the highlights.




Working our way up the falls took some time.




But it really was lovely.




Nothing like hanging out with Mother Nature to lower your blood pressure.



The closer we got to the top, the more people just plunked themselves down on the rocks and made themselves comfortable…




And why not?

It’s a great place to read, unwind…and enjoy the day.



At the top you cross a wonderful iron bridge…




Look both ways…




And say thank you Jackson Falls…



I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you.




And your rocks.

(Or maybe that was just me.)

Done with the Falls, we headed into town for some sustenance.




And found the cutest pumpkin display ever…




Next to our destination.




It looked promising.




Warm and inviting.




A vintage inn and tavern whose bar was packed to the rafters that late Saturday afternoon.




I wanted to love it.




I mean come on, they had ski lift seating….




And a sign for the Woodchuck Trail. Who doesn’t love that?

But the service was terrible, the beer was warm and the food? When it finally came, over an hour after we ordered, was barely edible.

Sorry Martin, I didn’t even bother with pictures. Dry meatless ribs and a soggy Rachel sandwich do not warrant photographs.




But martian pumpkins and gourds?

Definitely do.

White Mountains trip Day 2… Moose, mountains and fall colors.



When you think of Maine? You think of lobster… and moose. But let me tell you, I’ve lived here on and off since 1978 and have seen exactly one moose in the wild. Granted we live in the Mid Coast region and they’re more prevalent up north, but still… one in 41 years is not a good ratio.




So when we crossed the border into New Hampshire after leaving the Moose Cave in Grafton Notch….. and I saw numerous signs warning of the dangers of moose crossings?

I thought, yeah.



We’ll never see one.

Until we did.

Right there on the side of the road…




A moose!




Happily munching away on some swamp grasses.

A real live moose!



And I was halfway out of the car to get some really good pictures when the husband said no. This was a teenage male and though he was probably too young to rut…. it was that time of year.




So I had to stalk him from an open window instead.



But I saw a moose!

My second in 41 years…




And then all too soon he was tired of us….




And headed back to the woods.




Goodbye moose….

I may not live long enough to see another wild one of you, but thanks for showing up and making my day.

As I said before, the fall colors were all over the place. We had an early turn this year so by the time we got to the mountains, many places were past peak foliage. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t still spectacular…




Rusty oranges…




Muted greens and yellows…





Peaks of reds.




Even speckled with rain, I’ll take them.





It’s different around each bend.




And around each bend?




Another outhouse for the husband to christen.




The journey continues….



White Mountain trip… Day 2. Screw it.


Though our condo unit wasn’t the greatest, I have to admit the mountain sunrises were rather nice.




But before I jump into the day’s activities…. I have to tell you about our first night. We spent it in a spacious king size bed with 6 snuggly goose down pillows and comforter. At 2:00am I rolled over, stretched out my leg and felt… something hard. ( No, not that. I’ve been waking up to that for years…. I recognize it.)

This was down at my feet. Hard, light weight and bumpy. But I was half asleep and wrote it off to part of a twisted sheet.

It wasn’t.

When I got up the next morning and made the bed?

I found these.







Four rubber duckies hiding at the very bottom of the bed where the comforter is tucked under the mattress.

I don’t know about you, but that was a first for me.

Free ducks!

Give this resort 5 stars…

Mints on pillows? Pffft. That’s for amateurs.

Plastic waterfowl is where it’s at.



Anyway  –

Leaving the resort everyday looked like this…




So free ducks aside, I’m not complaining.

We passed this ski season bar everyday as well.




Poor lonely mug.

Our first excursion took us to Grafton Notch.




And yes, that’s really the name.




(Here’s where we begin the rocks and trees, trees and rocks part of our story.)




Clambering around the granite boulders, you find the falls.






And you have to admit, for rocks…. they’re pretty awesome.




Walk the charming leaf strewn path…




Across the cute little bridge…




And there are more rocks.




The mini falls and pools are a favorite swimming spot in summer, and rage with fury during the spring snow melt.






Falls seen, experienced and photographed, the husband begins what would become his epic  “I will leave my mark on every state and national park portapotty I can find”  challenge.




Who says we don’t know how to have fun on vacation?




Some random photographs….


Because sometimes I want to share, and they just don’t rate a blog of their own.




A few shots of my local area.




I’m blessed to live in such a beautiful state.




Top that for sunrise color. I dare ya!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, when we travel…. I take a lot of pictures. The husband is quite patient with me and usually pulls over when I point out the window, squeee! and yell pull over. He never wants to photograph anything, so I had to laugh a few weeks ago when he stopped along side something and asked me to take a picture of it for him.

I did….




And am seriously hoping it doesn’t end up in our barn in the near future.




This is not what you want to be following during a traffic jam on Route 1. I saw pink hippos in my dreams for many nights after that.

And finally…





No makeup, just a smile…. and the realization that laying out in the sun this past summer has bleached my hair to the point where I now have dark roots without ever having dyed it.

What the Hell?


Because you never know what you’ll see…


I woke up this morning to fog.




Hanging over everything like a gentle blanket of white…






In some places there was a sharp delineation.




As if it cut by a knife.






But as it started to lift…




I looked way out into the back yard by the woods and saw…




A piner!!



I did!




And in the 17 years we’ve lived here?

Not one single porcupine sighting… until now.

There’s elusive creatures, solitary by nature. Shy, quiet and slow… but apparently willing to high five in Philly.





(I totally need to visit Philly now, damn it.)

Sadly, while we see plenty of them dead on the side of the road…. we’ve never seen one at our house since the majority of our property is open lawn or field and they prefer the wooded areas.

So… a piner!!



I was thrilled… and attempted to creep across the back lawn to get a better picture. Naturally, I don’t creep well and he spotted me….. and shimmied down the tree before I could get close.




But I saw a piner on our property and have blurry photos to prove it.

Yay me!



Here’s a piner eating corn on the cob.



Note to self – buy corn on the cob.



Say it isn’t so…..


Autumn is closing in.

And it’s my favorite time of the year.




The air is crisp, the trees are full of apples….




And if you’re lucky enough to live in Maine like I do?





Mother Nature puts on a glorious show of turning leaves.




(Yes, those are my photos. And yes, those are my apple trees.)

But this year?

There’s something I’m not looking forward to.

The annual Pumpkin Spice’d   every damn thing but condoms  invasion will be rolling out shortly, and while that’s annoying enough….

This year?

There’s a new kid on the pumpkin spiced block.




It’s true… as well as disgusting.




Pumpkin Spiced Spam.


Forget changing leaves and brisk breezes — pumpkin spice is the official harbinger of fall. And, for better or worse, Spam is entering the flavor fray.

Starting September 23, lovers of all things autumn can purchase limited-edition Spam Pumpkin Spice on Walmart and Spam’s online stores, a spokesperson for Hormel Foods told CNN.
There’s no pumpkin in this pork: It’s mixed with cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg, according to the spokesperson.
What could a sweet mystery meat possibly pair well with? Spam recommends topping waffles with it, adding it to a fall vegetable hash or baking it into a cornbread muffin.
Honestly, waking up to a warm stack of Spam-and-waffles on a chilly fall morning sounds kinda nice.
Could this sweet SPAM be the tipping point for pumpkin spice fatigue? It’s not likely–people go crazy for the flavor, and it’s rooted in neurology: Sugar and pumpkin spice are an addictive combination that the brain learns to crave.
And with seasonal marketing from pumpkin spice pushers like Starbucks, brains and bodies begin to associate autumn and comfort with the flavor.
So if you’re into pumpkin spiced Spam, don’t be ashamed.
You’re just wired that way.



While there’s no amount of money that could convince me try it and report back….

If one of you would, I’d appreciate a first hand account of how truly awful it is.

Coastal trip, part deux.


Belfast, Maine.




Population  – 6,668.




Once Abenaki Indian territory,  it was used by Native Americans to fish and hunt for water fowl in the summer months.



Afraid so.





Burned by the British in 1779, rebuilt and incorporated as a city in 1850.




A thriving ship building center at the turn of the century, it grew and was prosperous. Until wooden ships became obsolete.



Thanks for clearing that up.




Shoe manufacturing and poultry production took over until the recession of the 1970’s, when it fell on hard times.



Local people left in droves to find employment….




As out of staters were beginning to discover the beauty of the Maine coast and started buying up prime property.



Today Belfast is part working waterfront…




Part tourist destination.




A quaint town, a scenic harbor…




With various parks to enjoy the views.




In lobster trap chairs…




Or lobster topped benches.




We had a tasty seafood lunch …..




Complete with cocktails.

(Was there ever any doubt?)



And strolled the day away.




Life is good…




When you live in a such a beautiful place.