16 thoughts on “A little inter species noshing.”

  1. Like you said before, Mother Nature is a fickle bitch. Here in El Paso we’ve had a couple of weeks in the high 90’s then all of sudden BOOM, it dips into the low 60’s. I’m like what the literal f**k!!! In know 60’s for y’all in Maine is shorts weather but here it’s like your version of a blizzard, lol.

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  2. So much WOW! First of all snow? I’d be pissed. Mother NAture needs to sober up. Second, turkeys are very large birds, lol, and a tad bit frightening looking. How did I never notice these things? The deer are just kind of like “Welp! Beggars can’t be choosers in these conditions.” Lol, What’s next? “Human sacrifice? Dogs and cats living together? MASS HYSTERIA!” ~Dr. Peter Venkmen.

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    1. The snow’s gone now thankfully. Of course we’ve had steady rain and gloomy skies for a week so I’m not sure that’s any better. Socked in with fog as I write, might be deer out back… but it’s too thick to tell. Come on spring!

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