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Baby buck.


Our resident buck with the felt covered mini rack has flown the proverbial coop, which is a shame, because I think most of you…. some of you?…. alright, at least one of you… was enjoying the fuzzy updates on antler growth progress.

But never fear.




Our old doe, who we call pregnant because she always seems to be, has last year’s progeny with her on a daily basis now.




So we’ll start from scratch.




Baby buck antlers.




At this point, they’re just little nubs that he keeps rubbing on trees and rocks.

And can you blame him?

The poor little guy looks like a four legged Frankenstein.



Ducks… and a deer.


We now have daily duck visitors.

A pair of mallards who make me smile and cut grapes in half. It’s the best food for ducks…. though they prefer to nibble on deer grain.

They’re here off and on all day but make a point of showing up about 4:00pm when I put out the nightly treats for the deer.

You would think the considerably larger deer would scare them off.



But in actuality, it’s the opposite.



The deer is frightened of the ducks and makes sure to eat on the opposite side.



Keeping one eye on those terrifying birds the whole time.


In case you’ve never seen it close up….


Don’t get excited, I’m talking about deer antlers.




And as I was filtering through my hundreds of shots of our buck the other day….




I thought some of you city people might get a kick out of this.




After the fall rut….. (read: deer orgy, where size does matter) ….. the buck will drop his then useless horns.

It’s a slow process that sometimes takes all winter. The blood supply is cut off and they slowly loosen. You often see bucks with one side hanging crookedly… and they’ll rub against trees, fence posts, picnic tables or whatever is around to knock them off.

When this happens, it does look a little bizarre.




And painful, though they assure me it’s not.




But how do the proverbial ‘they’ know?

I doubt anything has fallen off of them lately.




It certainly doesn’t look like fun to me.

The herd.




It’s been deer central at Casa River lately.




With upwards of 14 at a time.




Lots of repeat visitors from past years, and though they might all look the same to you…. we recognize and call quite a few of them by name.

Alright… Pregnant, the Buck, Little Guy and Dark Doe aren’t so much names as designations. But still.




Our resident buck’s antlers are starting to grow back….




Which always makes me think of Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia’s doughnut hairdo.




They’re all currently blowing winter coats and the lawn is full of hair clumps.




Which the birds, chipmunks and squirrels scoop up for their spring nests.




Mother Nature is a wonderful thing.

It’s snow good.


Ah, spring!

In Maine? We tend to do it differently.



Like last Thursday, when one of our woodchucks came out of hibernation and said wtf?



The deer weren’t too happy either.

And before we knew it, what was supposed to be a light flurry…..



Turned into a full blown storm.



Complete with heavy wet snow weighing down the trees..



And turning everything into a winter wonderland.






It isn’t always green.

Have you ever watched a deer go apple picking?


Well now you can.



We had a lot of visitors this past winter.




These are pictures from back in January because I’m still playing catch up from the vacation posts.




Our buck kept his rack a lot longer than usual.




But it didn’t stop him from apple picking.




Or sticking his tongue out at the photographer.




Cheeky little bugger.




Father and son…




Or daughter, it’s hard to tell at this stage.

A little catch up… the baby barn, a sunrise and some deer.


Now that the Virginia vacation saga is finally over, it’s time to clear out the photo files.

If you remember… before we left for the Cape Cod vacation in November, the husband was desperately trying to finish the remodel on our baby barn from Hell before the snow started flying.




He started putting the siding on….




Which was a nightmare of non squared corners and uneven ground.




Yeah, there was a lot of that.

His answer? Plant a shrub in front of it.




He was still using his 1950’s power tools and probably wishing for a larger wheelbarrow.




Siding around the window resulted in some very colorful language.




As did turning the 3rd corner where things didn’t exactly line up.

Unfortunately that’s as far as he got before the weather turned….

And now I have to stare at this split personality horror show until spring.




In other news, our neighbor and her daughter fed our deer while we were gone.




She sent me this picture while we were in Williamsburg, and wanted me to know the child took her responsibility seriously.

And for that she was rewarded.




Flowers for mom and a thank you deer for her daughter.




That little guy cost me a fortune but he was hand made and too damned cute to resist. Look at those feet!




It snowed right after we got back.




But the white stuff sure does make a nice contrast for the sunrise.




We were happy to see our resident buck was still around.




He’s an impressive fellow….




And clearly his women agree.




He’s got quite a little harem going.




With 4 fawns that we know of.

Funny thing is….. as much as I love to travel, it’s sights like these that always make me glad to be home again.









The herd.


Crazy weather this winter left the wildlife a little shell shocked.

Snow, rain, ice, warm temperatures, then more snow and ice. They didn’t know what the hell was going on.

We had skunks in January and fox in February.

And deer?




Yes dear, we had deer.




Veritable herds of deer.




Who we love to watch.



I mean really….

How can you not?



Such beautiful creatures.




They almost make the slow internet speed we have to suffer in the country worthwhile.