Oh dear…. more deer.

Since the little darlings have been raiding my bird feeders of late, I thought I’d put out more deer feed and a few chopped apples for them as a treat.

Apparently this went over quite well.




So well…

They called in the cavalry.




Note to self –




Buy more feed.

This is better than cable.



Well, almost.





There really is a Game of Thrones meme for every subject.


(Disclaimer- this post was scheduled incorrectly and is appearing 2 weeks later than planned, hence the brown lawn. )

26 thoughts on “Oh dear…. more deer.”

  1. BOOOOOO! HISS!!!!!!! BRONX CHEER!!!!!!! You will be punished–Bambi is nobody’s meme–Bambi has NOTHINGto do with THAT silly show!! Bambi belongs to millions of kids like me since the 1940s who fell in love with him, made him our best friend, cried when his mother died–YOU have crossed the line, young lady!!

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      1. That is wonderful! For us we buy flowers, bushes and other plants. Spend all that money, plant them and then they got eaten! But we learned to plant what they do not like. Makes life easier. I love woodchucks! But not if they ate my azalea bush!

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