Nice try.


A few weeks ago I got an email from Instagram asking me to confirm the address on my account.

That was interesting…. because I don’t actually have an Instagram account.




Five minutes later I got an email saying my username of rivergirl1211 had been changed.


To Blankyhell.





If that’s a place, I suppose it looks something like this:




Which is how I feel during a hot flash in bed.

On the other hand, maybe they were thinking more along the lines of:




Either way, it’s a pretty strange name.

So I went into the account, changed the username back, changed the password and then deleted the whole bogus thing.

I only use rivergirl1211 when I blog, so more than likely someone on here set it up.

Why would someone want to be me?

I have no clue.

Hell, half the time…. I don’t even want to be me.




It’s a little creepy being hacked, even if it’s only to Instagram.

Funny part is, the account already had a bunch of followers.  And since the only posted photo was a plain black square….. I can’t say I see the attraction.

Maybe I should have left it active and followed my feed.

You never know what I’ll get up to.

And apparently, neither do I.











42 thoughts on “Nice try.”

  1. sounds like the work of your insta-ego, its worse than alter-ego but yours seems to hit a insta-block, the ominous black square! blankyhell, is silenced for now.

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  2. That’s odd. Pointless. I had a similar thing happen on Flickr back in the day. Someone set up an account under my then blogging nom de plume, put one of my photos in it, and never did another thing. People be weird.

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  3. This is a theory, untested as yet:

    Maybe a parallel universe has randomly touched this universe. Exactly at Blankyhell.

    ….and. It was an opportunity to explore said parallel universe.

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  4. I hate when that stuff happens. I sometimes get creepy emails saying something about a credit card that I don’t have or that I need to respond to my bank. So far, I haven’t fallen for any of their trickery; though, I imagine one day, I’ll let my guard down at just the wrong moment… Forget meteors and black holes. It’s going to be those thieving hackers that bring down civilization — them and their blankyhells and plain black squares that can only lead to weird parallel universes! Mona

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  5. OMG, BlankyHell? I kind of love your new alter ego… Isn’t that the name of Micheal Jackson’s son, lol? Maybe he’s reaching out to you for help using instagram code words?

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  6. “Blankyhell”. Sounds suspiciously like it is from a certain sub continent, where it would be rude to use the R rated version. So we are left to fill in the blanks, here at the spearhead of civilization.

    OH. Wait a minute they were the spearhead of civilisation centuries ago. What with having Mathmatics, Astronomy, Astrology, ….and so on. Maybe when our civilisation is as advanced as this, we will be sending “Blankyhell”‘s in the future, knowing exactly what they mean.

    OR. Maybe just some kids trying out an experiment. A test run on creating bogus Insta accounts.

    OR……I will stop now.

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      1. First, you’d contact the powers that be at Instagram and let them know your concerns. Tell them someone is using your Username and email without your permission and that you’re very concerned for your safety and that before you get your lawyer involved you’re giving them an opportunity to investigate the situation and in turn let you know where (City and State) that account was created from….And then go from there.

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    1. Okay, Instagram sucks. After searching for 20 minutes for contact info I wrote an email detailing the situation, to which I received an automated reply of “we don’t service that platform any longer” Thank you Mark Zuckerberg! All they have now is a form to fill out with your account info… I don’t have an account you nimrods, that’s what I need to tell you!


      1. Are you serious? That’s effed up…What’d they mean they don’t service that platform anymore….Crazy! We need to call them out on their disservice. Clearly, they don’t care about the general public.

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