The great goat escape.


Yes, we who live in the country are easily amused.




A few weeks ago as I was doing dishes, I saw one of our neighbor’s goats on the run…. with their daughters hot on it’s heels.




It was a grand chase.




And went on long enough for me to photograph it.




Don’t think goats can run?

Try chasing one.




One daughter managed to steer it closer to the outbuildings…

And viola… the take down.




Country goats.

Because city people don’t know what to do with them…




Dragons on the other hand…



35 thoughts on “The great goat escape.”

      1. We found some old films and our projector when I was a teenager. My normally reserved mother had a complete personality change, talking baby talk to the toddlers on the screen.

        “Here comes Brucey… here he comes… oops he faw down!” It was pretty disturbing…

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  1. Haha! My dad had a goat named Pearl, she followed him everywhere when my dad was outside doing his “chores” which meant just out of the house and out of my mom’s way. He’d go the 7-11 on the corner and Pearl would follow and wait out front for him outside the store and walk back with him. Everyone knew who was at the 7-11 if they saw Pearl waiting out front, lmao!

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  2. Having grown up in the midwest around farm people I have to ask: was the goat a “show” goat or a “farm” goat? There’s a difference! [Or at least there was back in the day.]

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  3. The first time I saw a goat in real life was last Fall. We went to a farm to pick our pumpkins and they had a little petting animal area. I don’t know how I went 40 years on the planet without seeing a goat up close and personal, but there we were… eye to… WHAT THE HELL!???? I almost peed my pants over how freaking CREEPY their eyes look! Their pupils are black bars! That was truly something that was severely unsettling to me. If I were your neighbor girl, I wouldn’t have raised a pinky finger to go grab it. Not with those crazy rectangle eyeballs staring back into my soul. No thanks.

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      1. Ack! They freak me RIGHT out! I think I just waited too long to meet one in person. Maybe if I had been younger and less set in my creepy eyeball ways…

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      1. Our billy goat liked to climb on top of our neighbor’s car. She had to call my mom at work one time when she needed to go to the store. “Please come get your goat off of my car.”

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