Maybe, just maybe….


It’s been said I buy too much food when I go grocery shopping.

And I agree, that might be true.


So every once in a while I have to purge my kitchen cabinets and pantry of non used and so old they’re rusting  slightly out date products.





It really is amazing how much stuff I can stuff in there.

Did I need 13 bags of nuts and dried fruit to add to my salads?

Apparently yes.

Yes, I did.




I also needed 5 bottles of vinegar (which I despise) and numerous Asian condiments that never managed to make it into a stir fry.

All of the above had to be thrown out.

Were they past their prime?




Perhaps a wee bit.

And as much as it killed me, I threw out a chocolate bar.





Because yes, they really can go bad…. even though I didn’t think that was possible.

And speaking of chocolate, did you know there’s now a Game of Thrones Oreo?





Oh, yes…. there is.

And if you like the Game of Thrones intro?

You’re going to love it in Oreos.



43 thoughts on “Maybe, just maybe….”

  1. I pride myself in minimum stock levels.
    An empty refridgerator – 3 thumbs up.
    An empty cupboard – 3 thumbs up.
    …and so on.

    I can walk to the supermarket (grocery store, if you must) so I only need to buy enough to prepare an evening meal.

    Mrs WDS, however folows the same model as yourself Ms R.
    Buy it. Let it go rotten or out of date. Then ditch it.
    At the risk of being judgemental: THIS IS WRONG!

    Insert: some emoji to demonstrate I am half joking. 🚜

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  2. LOL! I could easily outdo the October 2017 expiration date. Not because I buy a lot of stuff I don’t end up using.finishing… but because I’m terrible at throwing stuff away. No mold or nasty smell…. no problem.

    My prize would be a box of microwave popcorn I bought shortly after I moved in here…. which was ten years ago this month. Yes, it’s still in the top of one of my kitchen cabinets about 3/4 full of unpopped bags. Popcorn must have a long shelf life, because the expiration date is “only” June 28, 2011…

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  3. Laughing here. I give you props for having good intentions, maybe a little less on your follow-thru. Did you throw out the out-of-date products? If you did, will your replace them? So many questions…

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  4. Why do you despise vinegar? It makes salad dressings! I also noticed you threw out a can of Old Bay, you live in Maine I thought you guys used this stuff often? Because let me tell you, El Paso is landlocked and I use Old Bay on EVERYTHING can, even Mexican food. I buy four or five of those things a year, it doesn’t get a chance to expire in my pantry, lol. Those Oreos are impressive though if I do say so myself 😎

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    1. I’ve never liked vinegar, although I use it when I have to. Old Bay isn’t as popular as it once was up here and I guess this one just got pushed to the back of the cupboard.
      Sadly, I have yet to find the GOT Oreos on our stores shelves. Very disappointing!

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  5. “, I threw out a chocolate bar.” SACRILEGIOUS!!! And you have no shame–to admit it on a Sunday!!! ON MOTHER’S DAY!!! ARGH!!!

    There is NO SUCH THING as a bad cho90colate bar!!!

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  6. I can’t imagine throwing out vinegar or spices unless they were moldy. Even if the flavor is diminished, they’re still usable. But I don’t tend to stock up that much as I don’t have the room. In fact, my life is spent going to the freaking grocery store anymore.


    1. Well, I hate vinegar so that wasn’t a hardship. The Old Bay had gotten wet and was rusted. Most of the thrown away items were at least 2 years past by their dates…. better safe than sorry.

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  7. I buy all those little salad topper bags of fruits and nuts and fruit and nut mixes too. And I never use them. I have all the good intentions! I just hate salad. I forget that when I’m starving and they look so good sitting there on the shelf. The Oreos look much better though. They are what us plant based people call “Accidentally Vegan” so they are a staple in our house, lol.

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      1. Yes! Same! But we end up eating them as snacks, just munching on them because I never actually make a salad for them to top, lol. But they aren’t even that good in the first place. That’s another fact I forget while I’m starved-shopping.

        Yah! It’s a food that had no intention of being plant based but just kinda ended up being so. There’s a long list of them, twizzlers, smarties, Swedish fish… it goes on and on. Mostly candy-ish stuff.

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  8. Nope got you beat easy. I moved out of my mom’s house in 1981, had one of my brothers stay with me for awhile that year…Did a deep clean on my spices for the first time last year..Yep you guessed it, I found a can from one of my brothers spices in the mess, not only did it expire in 1982, but it has traveled to 3 apts., and 3 houses and almost 3,000 miles from where it started, I win. LOL

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  9. Love it. Love, love, love it! I love the GoT intro anyway, so seeing it made creatively with Oreos was just great! Thankfully, I’m not suddenly craving Oreos. However, if I had been at your house, I would have saved that chocolate bar from the garbage and put it directly into my stomach. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!

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