A different kind of throne…


I just learned that Linda Ronstadt recorded a song on the toilet…. and it makes me feel like I’m not making the most of my time there.




It’s true.




Apparently the vocals to the song Long, Long Time were recorded in a studio bathroom.





Talk about multi tasking….






I clearly need to up my game.

39 thoughts on “A different kind of throne…”

  1. This makes me love her even more, lol! I fell in love with her angelic AF voice when I was 8 or 9 years old. She sang the theme song for the movie “American Tail”, it was a cartoon mouse movie. The song was called “Somewhere Out There”. Ok and then I heard her sing “Blue Bayou and it was all over for me. She has SUCH an amazing voice.

    So I believe it that she could record on a toilet in the bathroom. She could record in the bottom of a dumpster, or worse and still sound totally ethereal.


    1. Not sure why that link doesn’t work since I copied it exactly from my address bar… but look up “Millie Jackson album cover” on Google Images and you’ll immediately see which one I’m referring to…

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