Baby chucker update.



You thought I’d run out of cute baby woodchuck pictures?



No, they’re still here.




And still adorable.




So there will be baby woodchuck butt shots….




Baby woodchuck eating apple shots…




Baby woodchuck following momma shots…




Baby woodchuck napping on the deck in the sun shots…




And various baby woodchucks just looking too damned cute shots for days, okay weeks, to come.

There’s even woodchuck baby I’m too  fat  fluffy to take a bath without falling over videos.





Which, btw…. took me two and half hours to upload to YouTube with our slow as molasses internet connection.

A little appreciation would not be unwelcome.



That’s better.




28 thoughts on “Baby chucker update.”

  1. I am glad they add in your yard and not mine, but they are adorable. Speaking of chuck-butts, um, it doesn’t look like it fits through the railing. Nice job on the video. Thanks for being patient. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  2. They are definitely adorbs River, I think you are the Marlin Perkins of woodchucks. They don’t seem to mind you taking pictures and video of them at all, I mean your feeding them so they shouldn’t mind right? Lol

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