Please don’t tell my husband.


At one time or another my husband has collected all of the following:

Bottles, playing cards, coins, rusty farm implements, stamps, egg coddlers, antique mitre saws, Life magazines, Coca Cola memorabilia, post cards, baseball bats, radios, toy cars, fishing lures, vintage board games, alabaster eggs, crackle glass, razors, old telephones, fire extinguishers, glass oil jugs, wooden hangers, milk crates, Fenton, mason jars, books, Tinker Toys, sleds, bean pots, grain scales, wooden skis, haying forks, lamp fixtures, cigar boxes, pencil sharpeners, apple peelers, grinding wheels, cast iron skillets, flour sifters, fishing rods, tennis rackets, flashlights and egg beaters.




And no, I’m not exaggerating.

The sad part is, that’s probably not the entire list… but I’m cringing just thinking about it and had to stop. Or slaughter him in his sleep, and who needs that mess on a weeknight.


I think…

For the past 35 years if someone was selling it? He was buying it. And as soon as he had one? He wanted more. To which my response was always..




We currently have an apple press, a wooden washing machine, a butter smoothing table, a potato planter and two 5 foot tall wagon wheel frames in our barn.


My answer is –



His answer is –



So when I read there’s now a market for old Kool Aid packets, and they’re selling for hundreds of dollars a piece?




It’s true.


kool aid


It’s beyond ridiculous.

And if any of you tell my husband?

I will hunt you down and rip your tongue out through your nose.





If the late 80’s and early 90’s are vintage…

What the hell am I?



30 thoughts on “Please don’t tell my husband.”

  1. All those late 80’s mass produced baseball cards I had that were supposed to be worth a fortune one day are actually worthless. While the Kool Aid packets you could buy for a dime each are now worth a fortune. When someone goes nuts about some new collectible fad, this is the kind of warning I give them…. the valuable stuff’s going to be the crap that nobody saved.

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  2. Apple press? Alabaster eggs? WTF River?
    One, you could make a fortune posting those items online, two, you wouldn’t have to tell the hubs because I doubt he remembers each and every thing he’s collected.
    And if he did ask you could use your Wife-Jedi Mind Voodoo on him and say “Did you have those? Hmmm I’m not sure I remember, are you sure because you have so much stuff its hard to keep track.” Bean pots and cigar boxes………


  3. Wanna know what is really bad? My mom is 90 and I was going through some of her stuff with her and in the back of her spices we found some koolaid packs which were probably at least 40 yrs old. Dumb me threw them away. UGHHHHH LOL

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  4. I sold most of my collections about ten years ago, and I deeply regret two or three things in particular. I still have my wacky packages, though. I would never give those up.

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