Things my husband does that make me say WTH?


So I went out to the garage a while ago and saw he had moved the snow blower.

And while that in itself isn’t strange…

This was.


truck 1






Yes, that’s a bungee cord with one end hooked to the mirror…..




And the other end hooked to the blower chute.

It took me a minute to realize he did this due to the limited space on his side of the building.

How limited?

Here’s a shot of the back end.








I’d say he had backed up as far as he could.




The more logical solution of throwing out all that crap treasure not withstanding.




27 thoughts on “Things my husband does that make me say WTH?”

  1. Are those empty cardboard boxes? The recycling center is calling!!!

    And if he cannot treat the beautiful truck better than that? I’m coming to drive her somewhere she is LOVED. MY house. And you can TELL him that!!


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  2. Understandable. Wives can be so unreasonable at times. Mine put a stripe down the middle of the garage so that she could park her car, and I had no place else to put my stuff but to pack it around the pickup.
    She sure liked it when I used my snow blower to clean under the clothes line and clear a path to the trash bin in the alley, though.


  3. I’d also support a bigger garage. Can the chute not be turned to face forward? Just thinking out loud. I take it that’s a hobby truck, not a daily/weekly/monthly ride.

    When you say “his side” does that mean he actually has room to expand?

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    1. Of course you would, you’re a man. On the other hand my man already has the garage, the basement, the shed, the baby barn and the large monster barn filled with crap…. so no. No to everything.

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